All you need is ToeSox

The week I launched this blog, I also joined Yoga Journal Community, where members can blog to others in the “community.” I received the following comment about the Bhakti Ware ad from a member named Satyam, a frequent contributor:

Thanks for your keen observations. I think you are right on.

I do think that YJ mag leaves a lot to be desired for in the way they run and select their ads.

I do think that we / they can do a whole lot better.

Have you seen the ones for Yoga Toes featuring Ms Budig? It is not quite as crude as bhaktiware, but I am not sure it is the right direction either.

I would welcome your comments on that, either here or on your other blog.


So I viewed an ad for ToeSox (in the same December 2008 issue) featuring Kathryn Budig in scorpion pose. Overall, I give it a thumbs up: The nudity is tasteful, her execution of the pose is impressive, and the shot is artistic but with a touch of whimsy (like a serious classical nude with the model in wacky socks).img004

Did the company need to use nudity? No, but it’s an attention grabber. So they did it for marketing.

But it’s still yoga, the asana part, anyway. Of course, such images further glorify only the physical, acrobat side of yoga.

The Bhakti Ware ad is just plain ridiculous. The models look vacant (I know cats and dogs with way more intelligence in their eyes) and their pose has no connection to yoga. In a word: cheap.

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