The big picture

If ever you’re feeling overwhelmed by your big, important life, check out the Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D. Our planet is a speck, our solar system is a speck, our galaxy is a speck. Get some perspective!


Perhaps we should all look at the HUDF (10,000 galaxies in an ever-expanding universe) daily. A daily dose of perspective. We’d all also do well to heed Carl Sagan’s thoughts on humans, human nature, and our Pale Blue Dot.

One thought on “The big picture

  1. From THE DAY WE FOUND THE UNIVERSE by Marcia Bartusiak:
    The English poet Edith Sitwell, upon a visit to (Edwin) Hubble’s home, was ushered into the study, where she was shown slides depicting the myriad galaxies that cannot be seen with the naked eye, galaxies millions of light-years away. “How terrifying!” exclaimed Sitwell, to which Hubble replied, “Only at first. When you are not used to them. Afterwards, they give one comfort. For then you know that there is nothing to worry about – nothing at all.”

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