Carry-ons and sharing space

When was the last time you were offline for a whole weekend? Try four days. It’s must be like going cold turkey (I did fall off the wagon at the Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC, where two hours of wifi costs $5.99, FYI).

Now that airlines charge fees ($20 is typical) for checked-in bags, people bring colossal carry-ons into the cabin.p6333453v380

On one flight, I placed my computer backpack neatly in the overhead compartment and settled down in my seat. Suddenly I noticed someone shoving a behemoth with hard edges atop my padded but crushable Crumpler. Whoa! I had a pair of glasses, not to mention my Mac, inside.

There I was, with a humanely sized pack that has no chance against bags that really should be checked in. As George Costanza said more than once, “You know, we’re living in a society!”*

I was reminded of a comment my yoga teacher once made about mat etiquette in class. Ever notice how some people blithely stomp atop others’ mats? You might bring a freshly washed mat to class and immediately it’s trodden by scary, unwashed feet. Sure, mats might be studio owned. But, for that class period, it’s your mat.

Some people seem to lack a respect gene. They have no clue that they are intruding on others. It’s a small world. Space is limited. Share it.


*See season two, “The Chinese Restaurant”; season three, “The Limo.”

2 thoughts on “Carry-ons and sharing space

  1. so true, Spy! it boggles my mind why anyone would blithely walk all over your mat before class. HELLO! I PUT MY FACE ON IT!

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