Peer-reviewed blogs

When I began my blog last August, I told myself that it shouldn’t matter whether anyone reads it. Blogging would be an outlet, a way to gather and release my thoughts (some fleeting, some fundamental) about yoga. As a writer, I process through words. I wanted a free, uncensored forum sans gatekeepers.

Whatever the audience size, whatever the response, no matter. After all, words are my work—and also my play. I enjoy the process: choosing a topic, analyzing my thoughts, and crafting a sentence that makes the cut.

Such an exercise sharpens my mind. So, why should I be delighted if my blog stats rise and disappointed if they fall? I am changed, after all, by the act of writing. Shouldn’t that be reward enough?

It’s akin to any personal endeavor, including asana. My home practice is unseen by others. The “doing” of it is enough.

Blogging community

I’ve found that blogging takes an inordinate amount of time. I struggle not only to write my own posts but to keep up with other yoga blogs. Days or weeks might pass before I return to someone’s blog, even a bookmarked favorite. How did I spend my “free time” pre-August, before I paid attention to the yoga blogosphere? Sometimes, as I fine-tune a post late at night, racing the clock else miss my bedtime stretching, I wonder if blogging is worth it.

Truth be told, I do care about audience size and response. I am pleased (tickled pink, my dad might say) to receive comments, positive or negative. I am encouraged when my viewer stats spike. I am thrilled when other yoga bloggers link to my blog.

When respected fellow bloggers comment or otherwise signal that they are listening, it is especially redeeming. It’s as if my blog were favorably peer-reviewed.

I try not to be overly swayed by my audience. But I must also acknowledge its importance. Except for personal journals, writing means communication—and communication requires at least two parties. Through my blog, I’ve “met” yogis, from Seattle to Chicago to Montreal to Halifax, who’ve spurred my writing and thinking, by their own writing and thinking.

Peer reviewers

If none of the following bloggers (plus others whom I am overlooking) had offered their goodwill, my blog might be a stunted, abandoned experiment. Thanks (in no particular order):

Linda of Linda’s Yoga Journey; Bob W of Yoga Demystified; Nikki of Yoga with Nikki Chau; Brenda of Grounding Thru The Sit Bones; Dhana of Nourishing Body and Soul; YogaDawg of My Itchy Third Eye; Brooks of Yogic MuseEco Yogini; Jamie of Jamie on the MatYogaDork; Waylon of elephant; Lauren Cahn of Yoga Chickie; Chi-Chi of Where There’s a Will There’s a Way; Kristin of Namaste from Duluth; and Roseanne of it’s all yoga, baby (who deserves special thanks for including one of my posts in her list of favorite 2009 yoga blog posts)

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  1. thanks for the mention….I’ve been blogging since 2005 and have written about some not-so-nice things that have happened to me in the yoga biz world and I amazed at the support I’ve received from global yogis over people in my own backyard.

    it’s a nice yoga community in the yoga blogosphere (and if you’ve read certain of my posts you’ll know that I loathe that phrase! 😉 )


  2. Thanks Spy, you’ve come a long way in your blogging. Hope you keep at it as I enjoy dropping in from time to time (like you, I don’t have enough time to constantly keep up with other blogs)

    All my best


  3. I am so honored to be included in your list! I am a newbie to the blogosphere, still trying to figure the whole thing out, but your blog is one of the few that I subscribe to on my Google Reader. There’s always quality stuff here : ) Thanks for all the inspiration!


  4. thanks for the mention! it’s been great watching your blogging grow and evolve. it’s so true – blogging is a big commitment of time and energy. i hope you feel it’s worth it, and continue to contribute. your voice is a valuable contribution to the bloga community and i love reading your blog.


  5. Yogaspy:
    yep the blog-o-munity is pretty darn neat and you have been posting some thought provoking articles. 🙂

    I may not agree with everything, but then that’s what conversation and growth is all about right?

    Blessings and welcome!


  6. I don’t know if you are familiar with Google Reader, but I find that helps me to keep up with all of the blogs I like. It consolidates all the websites and attaches to a feed so you’ll always know when the authors of your fave blogs have made new posts. It’s neat.


  7. Your blog is great. I always enjoy coming here and seeing what’s going on.

    I had the same experience as you. When I started writing my blog and eBook, I wrote in an early blog:

    “The break-through occurred when I suddenly realized that I wanted to write this even if I knew no one would ever read it. WRITING IS IT’S OWN REWARD. That said, it sure is nice to feel like you’ve got an audience and are having some impact.”

    It was a very Bhagavad Gita moment–freeing myself to put all my energies into my purpose by detaching my ego from the results, exactly as you describe above, and exactly as Krishna urges Arjuna to do as one of the central themes of the Gita.

    I second your appreciation of all the other bloggers you mention above.

    And, yes, Caroline’s right. Anyone who isn’t using Google Reader or something as good, if there is such a thing, is really missing out on a perfect blog addicts dream tool.

    Bob Weisenberg


  8. Oops. A week late in catching this…what did you just say? I gotta get hooked up to that Reader. Anyway, as we’ve all been saying over at Roseanne’s house, it’s been a great year for the yoga blog. Conversations are sharpening, topics are buzzing, the community (sorry, Linda) is growing significantly. Here’s to 2010, she with the gimlet-eyes!


  9. YogaSpy! As I start on my own blogging adventures, I am also struggling to balance out the time needed to do justice to a plethora of ideas and the other commitments that abound. But I must admit that I love seeing your posts come up on my reader. This inspires me too keep at it! best thoughts -Bethania


  10. Всем привет. Наткнулся недавно на статью, в которой говорится что ученые американской Академии наук (NAS) утверждают, что конец света наступит 22 сентября 2012 года. Причем это будет “конец света” в прямом смысле.
    Что вы думаете по этому поводу.
    Пардоньте если не в тот раздел )


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