Food for the spirit

I stumbled on Nathan’s Dangerous Harvests blog again last night. While I’m not a regular reader, I did recognize his blog (the way we glimpse a stranger in a crowd and think, “I’ve seen that face before”). One of his April posts, “What feeds your spirit?” questioned how we fill our days (and our minds). What things brighten your mind? What things darken them? He shared his own list:

1. Gardening, even the “tedious” parts like weeding.

2. Researching and learning new things.

3. Breathing fresh air.

4. Conversation and time with loved ones.

5. Writing and art.

6. Hiking.

7. Bodies of water.

8. Watching squirrels, cats, and other “wild” animals.

9. Outdoor meditation

Many of Nathan’s listings resonate with me. But do I make time for them? If our doings today are our memories tomorrow, am I stockpiling a happy story or a bunch of regrets? As a long-ago law professor once quipped, “We’re always doing what’s urgent, rather than what’s important.”

What feeds your spirit? And are you starving or satisfying it?


  1. Glad you stopped by. I’m still reflecting on that question, although I’ve gotten pretty good at making time for most of the things on my list.



  2. a swim, a yoga class, a few hours to write, the rest of the day with my girls topped off with a bike ride near the ocean, that pretty much feeds my spirit.
    Today I wrote for an hour, taught for an hour, spent time with the girls and got an ocean bike ride in this pm. so pretty good actually.
    Thanks for illuminating.


  3. ive been missing #4 in my life, big time, since ive moved. my partner is my best friend, but its not so great to have him be my *only* friend around right now. its part of the transition, but its hard.

    also, i fear squirrels. i watch them only to see if they are watching me.


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