Facebook, Twitter, late adopters and laggards

Okay, I admit it. I established myself in Facebook and Twitter only on Monday. I’m not just a late adopter, I’m a laggard. I resisted for years, uninterested in putting myself out there. In fact, I was quite averse to Facebook’s online interface of social interaction. Online, one can create any identity by easy “sight bites” (like sound bites). Further, group interaction is different from the one-on-one dynamic. If we are friends, shouldn’t we communicate personally and confidentially? Twitter seemed to encourage even more trivial announcements to the world.

That said, people I know and like are Facebook and Twitter users. And these platforms now seem essential for bloggers, writers, teachers, anyone with a public presence. Finally, I’d hate to write off these phenomena without actually trying them. That would be like criticizing Bikram yoga without giving it a go.

Thus YogaSpy is now on Facebook (www.facebook.com/YogaSpyBlog) and on Twitter (http://twitter.com/yogaspyblog). Let’s be Friends. Let’s be Followers! I can’t believe I’m doing this.


  1. hahahi totally understand. I vowed for about a year that facebook was lame- then i joined up.
    it was the best way to share photos with family while we lived in BC (and they lived in NS).
    Now it’s the most convenient way to communicate events (yoga in the park, coffee and yoga, friend yoga and of course parties and such).

    Twitter- same deal. thought it was lame… joined because well, people use it. so. and now… i can see its use.

    that said- both facebook and twitter can be definite time sucks- so balance 🙂



  2. I have a love-hate relationship with twitter. someone said I should join to promote my business. so far, tweets have generated zip.

    hilarious how one could make some really outrageous statements and no one even responds! I look at twitter as the equivalent of a boring, noisy party: lots of people yakking but few paying attention to anything specific.


  3. Twitter and Facebook are tools. How you use them, and to what effect, is up to you. At first, it felt like diving into a whirlwind. Now, I find it useful, in self-limiting doses.

    I, for one, am glad to see YogaSpy on multiple platforms that engage different audiences and allow different modes of communication and creativity!


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