Philosophy from a children’s book: The Fire Cat

Whenever I visit my little niece, I end up reading children’s stories that delight me as much as they do her. My favorite of the moment is The Fire Cat by Esther Averill. It’s a 1960 classic, with drawings that capture the essence of Pickles, a stray kitty with big paws and big dreams.

In the three-part story, Pickles faces the universal challenges of life:

  • Search for one’s purpose.
  • Adrift in the wrong environment.
  • Choosing purpose over privilege.
  • Being both good and bad.
  • Being paralyzed by fear.
  • Getting into a fine mess.
  • Getting a second chance.
  • Working hard to improve oneself.
  • Turning over a new leaf.
  • Making friends with others of your own species.
  • Facing the truth about one’s past.
  • Overcoming one’s fear.
  • Helping another in trouble.
  • Fulfilling one’s purpose in life.
Yes. All that shines through in this slim paperback. Read it.

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