Was I suckered by the Seacret saleslady?

Last week, I was striding through City Square Shopping Centre near Vancouver City Hall after a dental appointment. The centre’s airy heritage architecture can’t quite compensate for the mundane mall experience, so I had no reason to stick around. In passing, I noticed the abandoned Hello Kitty kiosk. “What happened to them?” I asked a neighboring vendor.

A Chinese immigrant in her 50s or 60s, she gabbed about their move to a larger mall with more shoppers willing to shell out for genuine Sanrio merchandise. “Are you Japanese or Korean?” she interjected. Before I knew it, she clasped my right hand and began buffing my thumb nail. Her kiosk sold cosmetic products by Seacret, an Israeli company unfamiliar to me.

“Look at that,” she marveled, smoothing the ridges and then rubbing my nail to a gleaming finish. “It last for two weeks. All natural. No need polish.”

She proceeded to rub cuticle oil around my nail. “You take care of your hair, your face, but why not your hands? So dry.” Then she held a boxed nail kit. “Online, $59.95. Today special $39.95. Only today.”

Me? Buy a kiosk nail set? “I’ll think about it,” I said, all set to escape.

She persisted, buffing my other thumb, commiserating over the hand-wrecking “women’s” tasks of cooking and cleaning. “For you,” she said, “I’ll give the senior special: $29.95 plus iherb coupon code free, even if you’re not senior. Treat yourself.”

When I demurred, she pulled the two demonstrated products from the box: “Buffer and oil, $20.” I did the unthinkable and bought it. She then gave me a harmony necklace as a bonus gift, no doubt to sooth any buyer’s remorse I might of had.

As a rule, I reject pushy salespeople and unknown brands. This was As Seen On TV up close and personal. But the Seacret saleslady somehow amused me with her chatty familiarity and never-say-die tenacity. She reminded me of three things:

  • Don’t give up The Seacret saleslady would not accept my “no.” And she had nothing to lose in pursuing me until my “no” was final. Do I persist that hard in the face of likely rejection or imminent defeat? Do I put myself on the line day after day? I can admire such doggedness.
  • Synchronicity That very week, I’d already been contemplating my chronic hangnails, due to frequent hand washing and the natural dryness associated with vata dosha. Having a total stranger offer a solution was a neat coincidence (nevermind that she probably accosts anyone who makes eye contact). I figured that Seacret’s buffer and oil were no better than drugstore brands, but I coulwd live with the price (and, hey, I crossed something off the to-do list).
  • Helping one another We’re all trying to make a living, whether as lawyers or yoga teachers or Seacret salesladies. Who knows: Maybe she can’t stand kissing up to strangers for a $20 sale. But it’s her job and she’s definitely not lazy. Twenty dollars wouldn’t break me and we both took something home from that encounter.

Acknowledgment: I discovered the idea of synchronicity through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.

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96 thoughts on “Was I suckered by the Seacret saleslady?

  1. I was accosted by these folks at the mall years ago. Not sure if it was the same product or a similar one, but it was sold as an Israeli hand/nail product. The sales lady snagged me, tisk tisked over my hands, and started buffing away at a nail while telling me I needed this product and that product. What I was actually thinking (beyond my desire to escape) was, “when was the last time her buffer thingy had been sanitized and how many people has she been using it on?” 😮

    I didn’t buy the product – I was wigged out by the possibility of a potential nail fungus – I’m glad I didn’t. I observed over the coming week that the two nails she ‘buffed’ had been damaged. The buffing was no more than very fine sandpaper that made my nail very thin and it broke easily. It took a couple months for it to grow back out.

    Still, you raise some vaild points about tenacity and determination in approaching life. We talk about taking care of our feet in yoga, but yet we pay as little attention to our hands.

    Interesting post. Thanks.

  2. I have been “Secreted” too but in Edinburgh, Scotland and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience (in hindsight) and see it from a very similar perspective to you. It’s easy to see all of life as a cynical scam but sometimes it’s healthier just to see that we are all people pushing along as best we can (with some pretty shiny nails thanks to those Dead Sea buffers!)

  3. And me to – in Brisbane Australia! In fact I’ve been caught by them twice!! They certainly did make my nails look better – but I’ve never been able to replicate it (too lazy probably!) Then a month or so ago I ended up buying some eye cream from them. Amazingly they managed to make lines under my eyes disappear but again I haven’t done it myself! Maybe it was the way they ‘dried’ the cream with a hair dryer?!!

    I do still use the cream, but haven’t done my nails for months … 🙂

  4. I’ve been caught by them during my stay in Budapest, Hungary. Once in Vaci Utca and two times in West End Center shopping mall. They are sticking like a mosquito to suck your blood, in that case, trying to sell you their products and you can hardly escape from their hands. I escaped from them by saying that “my suitcase does not have enough space and my aeroplane is leaving today”, which was true.

  5. Haha yesterday I was at the mall and I had a man come up to me and say are those natural i’m like yeah and he said i have a gift for you I thought I was just getting a free sample but he did give me one and he tried to force me into buying nail product, he did my nails and said here i’ll give this to you and i’ll give you a free one and he asked how much money i had and i didn’t say anything and he wanted to charge me 60 dollars and than I said i’ll think about it but in reality I wasn’t going to buy that and than he said ok than 30 and then he went to 5 dollars and than he realised I really didn’t want it and I left. Beides that he used jesus saying if i gave him money it would help out. I was like umm no. I hate when people try to force you into buying stuff. There’s other stores who just show you if you’re interested and if you want to buy a product than you can and they care if you don’t say no, that’s why they don’t sell and it’s over priced too even if it looks good. It works just do your business more proper, not to scare people and show your being rude and desperate.

    1. I used to pay the high prices at the mall and disliked their prices. But my wife, my family and I really enjoy using their products and couldn’t find any other product near comparison. These dead sea products cleared up mine and my daughters ezcema and my brothers psoriasis.

      Just recently…. I JUST FOUND OUT that the company had gone direct selling from a friend and that you could be come a member or what they call “Seacret Agent” for $49 and get all the products we used to pay high prices for at WHOLESALE!

      I signed up as a member and i’m now extremely happy with what I’m paying.

      If anyones curious and interested in checking it out.. go to: http://www.seacretdirect.com/alexandercasem
      or send me an email at: casem_ca@yahoo.com


      1. If it’s Seacret products you’re talking about, go to Amazon.com where you can order them for about 5% of what you’d pay to the grabby sales person, and about a third of what you’d pay the “agent.” I love the Seacret products, too.

  6. I too have been accosted in the mall, and while I kept my thoughts to myself, they helped me see through their ploy:

    Touch is a powerful thing. Both touching your hands, having you hold the product and trying to be touching (caring) in their thoughts.

    Chattering to pass the time needed to buff the nails makes it seem to take only a few seconds – this is why at home it seems to take longer. Simple distraction.

    Leading gently from one step (physically) to the next to disorient and make you latch onto them as the one familiar part of the area – builds a sense of trust (or dependency).

    He tried to tell me there were natural oils in my nails and the last step (white, squeaky) heated the nails up and brought the oils out. Utter BS of course – it’s merely the last step in a buffing / polishing routine.

    I too was wondering about the possibility of fungal infection and how much wear the buffing would do on the nail. Ideally a system like this would be for older people – thicker nails and more dramatic contrast to the ridged norm.

    All in all I could see that while they made a big show over the buffer, their main income / difference was in the dead sea thing. Which I have my doubts about.

    Scent was the final touch – their lotion and oil have a distinctive scent that while not pungent is not something I’m looking for. It’s also there to cover the mushroom scent of nail dust, which can be a bit off-putting.

    The prices were higher than what has been quoted on here – “normally” 120, today 80… after a few “no”s he bumped it down to 60 for the kit. I was mostly interested in the price for the buffer and as they didn’t sell it independently it was a complete no-sale for me.

    1. My name is Kandi Meyers and I am a Seacret Agent through direct sales and the reason why you see such diversity in pricing of the nail kits and other merchandise is your region. Prices do vary by location AND the associate selling the kits! They make a commission based on how much they sell the kit for, so when you talk them down to 20.00 they aren’t making a profit off that sale. the person who said $5.00. There’s no way! We as Agents cant even get them for that price. At that price we are paying you, and believe me there are plenty of people who would buy it for 50.00 or more. As for the scare of spreading fungus. The nail Buffer is a fine investment because….the sides of the buffer are replaceable and interchangeable. If you are worried about the spread of germs…ask the sales rep to change the pieces out for new ones. takes 10 seconds. (they do change them frequently) so if you do buy a buffer, talk to an agent like myself and we can get you replacement parts for your buffer. Hope this is helpful!

      Kandi Meyers

      1. myself and a few of my friend using seacret product and I can tell you it is working, i have very sensitive skin and this product work pretty well, i have used other product before well known brand but none off them works as seacret, this product is not cheap but its worth it, money well spend,,, actually if you know how to play the sales person you got more for your money today I was shopping in cairns central I brought face kit set woman
        $ 270 rejuvenate kit set $ 315 luxury gray set $ 315 and I have free mineral foundation, nail kit bag set, antler beauty case, facial wash deep cleansing and feeling milk as I total up almost $ 250 i bring home for free

        my respond to those comments about hard cor and fushy sales person !!yes some off them could be so annoying they just want to make sale BUT IF YOU DON’T WANT TO TALK TO THEM JUST SAID no thank you and walk away!! HOW HARD IS THAT,,,?? the first time i came across this product it was in Sydney shopping centre I told the sales person let me read your product then and I want to test it, they’re happy to do so and apply into my skin, even thou I feel good at the very beginning, i went home and search the net about seacret product and a week after I went back to the same shop and brought 3 items and it lasted 7 months, this product I’ve introduce to all of my friend some off them has been using it but some can’t afford it ,,

      2. Thank you Jennifer for saying such nice things about the products. You should know, when you buy at a kiosk your paying too much. I can get you a discount of 40%-60%. Especially since you love the products and you are saying good things about them I want you to save some money on them. Email me and I will get you info on how to save and even get your products free!!! seacret_agent_salt@yahoo.com

      3. Hello
        I bought 2 of your nail buffer kits and was using them quite frequently. At the time of purchasing I was given the assurance that you would supply me with replacements ( sent to my home address) as I needed them. 3 months into using your products when I called back to order replacements your sales lady said she would only send them to a postal office 45 mins away from my home. I drove all the way there to pick up my one replacement buffer. The next month after I had worn that out when I called in your sales lady refused to send me any at all and told me that your company no longer provides replacements .
        I am very upset at this breach in aftergreement! Why would I buy a nail kit that was $80 out of which the main buffing product only lasts 4 uses?!?!
        I feel scammed!!

      4. Hey Kandi, cld u plz leave me details of where I can purchase replacement parts & also where I can buy just the buffer plz. I’m in North Lanarkshire, Scotland 😊

  7. My experience is the same I got the nail kit, body lotion and after shave cream after my nails were buffed and all the line of products demonstrated to me and paid $100 the charming salesman kept demonstrating and wanted to give me more products for $300 then $180 I took it as an educational spa treatment. The products are excellent and the bargaining culture must be middle eastern and the Israeli salesperson was very charming and I enjoyed being pampered and now I spoil myself every week do my nails and moisturize every now and then and feel great taking care of myself.

  8. These people are everywhere and I cannot believe how aggressive their sales approach is. They suck you in by presenting a free sample of some sort- at first I thought it was a snack so I took the little cup then realised it was cream- by this time he was already putting the free sample away and asked me if I had a girlfriend.

    He then grabbed my hands and make a comment about my dry nails and started the whole buffing process while elaborating how I can treat my gf to something special.

    His buffing actually hurt my nails- it felt like he was just grinding my nails with coarse sandpaper. When he flipped the buffer to the last section and said it was made of pure silk I was relieved.

    When it was all said and done, I paid $130 plus taxes for 2 nail boxes, 1 body butter cream, and 1 sea scrub tub. Looking back I should not have bought anything but he made me feel like I was getting such a sweet deal because the price of both nails kits was $80 and the price of each tub is $80 for a total of $240. I realise now that I should not have paid more than $20 per unit.

    1. your loss! Not everyone who works for Seacret is Israeli for one. For two our products are made with minerals you cant get in any other company that can help people with even the most severe cases of eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and acne (not to mention the anti-aging properties). For three, Loreal is our manufacturer. They don’t mind supporting products from Israel and ALL the people employed by the Seacret Company. Lastly…who are you??? Someone who has a vendetta..Stop spreading hatred

    2. Reynold you sounded racism to me ! the product is working and it help people their need, so what got to do about Israeli because the product come from their and some sales person is from Israel !! that’s completely mental bull sh””t ,, … to those people had bad experience with sales person, yourself can be blamed with your action, you have every right TO SAID NO IN THE FIRST PLACE WHY DON’T YOU ????

  9. I went back to buy a nail and skin care set for $10 in Thailand ( Sorry for those that paid more) after a lady grabbed my little pinky and polished it. I knew she was trying to sell me something I don’t need. I tried to pull my hand back, telling her that I was in a big rush but she already finished buffing my pinky. In the morning, I was surprised to see my pinky looked so much better than the rest of my fingers. I knew the block was nothing but very fine sand paper and silicone. The lady told me not to do my nail more than one a month. The polish would last about a week and all I have to do was to re-buff with silicone paper.
    And again, I agreed, touching, caring and persistant are the key to success….

    1. You’d be surprised to find out that the buffers blue side is Sea Salt and crushed diamond dust, the grey side is cotton, and the white side is silk. No Sand paper…no silicone

  10. I happened to find this blog as I typed in a google search for Seacret.

    I had never heard of it before, until yesterday! I am from New Zealand. My family and i were walking through a mall when this lady jumped out at us with a tray of moisturiser to try. She gave us all one each and as I was rubbing mine in and about to walk away she grabbed my hand and went on and on about this nail buffer. She was absolutely lovely and very chatty.

    She told us the original price was $160 but they were taking it down to $99 just for today. We said we can’t afford it because we are full time students and just don’t have that kind of money, so she said, well because I’m the manager I can give you a student discount and took it down to $75, but still that was far too much for us. She then got us to follow her to the computer sysetem and said, well, you know what, yesterday a customer bought 10 boxes and today because of that I can take it down as a christmas gift for you. So we ended up buying one for $50. I must say I did fall in love with it, and my nails look amazing, so I am pleased with the purchase.

    BUT – the one thing she told us that made us get it was the “lifetime guarantee” for the nail buffer! Well, when we left I was expecting a pamphlet in the box to tell me about that but there wasn’t one in there. So I did the google search to find out where I send it if I ever need to, only to find that actually I will only get one replacement with my proof of purchase within 12 months!

    So, this was a huge learning thing for me. lol No matter how pushy – say no until the research is done!

    Again, I love the product and would consider buying it again but I’m gutted I was lied to.

    Merry Christmas to me! lol

    1. Hi Suz,

      Your post from a long time ago, but i still want to reply on that. Im a bit disappointed in myself as i was too folloed by the aggressive sales tactic of seacret. Never heard of the brand , the salesguy was chatty and nice and showed me the nail buffer with life time guarantee! Said i could go to any sore to change for a new one when the other was worn out! Or do it online, so convenient! And if i lost the receipt, no problem! Just go to the store and i will replace it for you with no problem!
      USUALLY i am very very reluctant with these kinda people and will request proof for the life time guarantee. So, so bought the product and then started googling only to also find out that it is only within 12 months time, ONCE and only with receipt.
      Its so sad that people trick you with that, not thinking about long term customer satisfaction but just getting that profit now. Mayking false promises will not get the company far!!
      Anyway, just want to share my disappointed as well on the web.

  11. Your post is amusing. And the comments as well. I have never been accosted by a Seacret person at a mall, but I do love their products. That nail buffer really works.

    My favorite Seacret product is its Dead Sea Mud Soap. The foam is thicker, softer, and really cleans.

  12. hi. i’m from mauritius. yesterday (december 2011) i was accosted by an israeli sales man selling the seacret products in a hypermarket in mauritius. his name is sagi. he wanted to sell salt scrub to me and my mum. he was persisting so much. in fact i just checked the price online and to my amazement it’s half the price he was trying to sell it to us. finally i started losing patience and told him that i’m the client and i should have the decision whether to buy it or not. the guy end up being very nasty and treated me as heartless. i was shocked!!!

    i understand they are doing an agressive marketing but we as clients we should have the choice. they can’t force us to buy their product!!!

    1. You have every right to not buy from a pushy sales rep, Especially for those who have experienced Seacret products and Love them, but are terrified to go buy them at the kiosks (they are cheaper online). Take a look at my personal website to see how much we charge in Oregon and maybe it will be cheaper than what they are selling the products for in your area. We do charge shipping but when I hear about the price of some of the kiosks, you may still save money ordering it online and having it shipped directly to your door!

      Try: http://www.seacretdirect.com/kandimeyers
      or you can email me personally to ask questions at seacret_agent_salt@yahoo.com

  13. I was caught off guard by seacret, the young lady asked if I have a mother, sister, wife, girlfriend to which I responded absent mindedly all of the above and hastedly corrected myself. She grabbed my hand and said she will show me something amazing by buffing my fingernail (which is still shiny after 4 days) eventually she stopped and tried to get me to buy a kit for £40. In the UK we’re unable to say no and I politely declined and said I would think about it. My wife saw my shiny fingernail and regaled her the incident. I think she wants a kit :S

    1. Before you go back to the kiosk!!!!!! Try my website. You might find it to be less expensive, also a helpful hint…..Black Friday (the day after America’s Thanksgiving Holiday in November) we have huge Sales!!! You can score the nail kit for the cheapest price during that time from the website. Makes an amazing Christmas Gift! Lots of other goodies as well!

      http://www.seacretdirect.com/kandimeyers or
      seacret_agent_salt@yahoo.com for my personal email

  14. Same scenario… shopping in the Plaza, Palmerston North, New Zealand. Sales lady demonstrates the eye serum and eye cream to me, anyway yeah the product was great but… she asked me what i did for work and i told her my wife and i were dairy farmers. Great! she said… you guys really need these products because… blah, blah, blah.
    She was right, but then she told me that each product was $NZ280.00
    WOW! $NZ1120.00. Unbelievable.
    I instantly declined and she said, without any hesitation, i will give it to you for half price, $NZ560.00, but only if i tell my friends all about the products.
    I thought this sales pitch was outrageous so i walked out.
    Got home, went to the SEAcret website and hello… i found i could purchase those same four products for $NZ310.00 not… $NZ1120.00 or $NZ560.00.
    Can’t wait to come across these next lot of SEAcret sales people. im gonna get them to demonstrate ALL their products on me and give them the intention I want to buy all of them but it wont be from them.
    I’ll purchase online.

  15. Hi,

    The company is aware of the problems the customers are experiencing at the kiosks. That is one of the reasons they are restructuring their marketing approach.

    If any of you like the products, I can fill you in on how to purchase them at wholesale prices. That’s what my wife and I do. For example, we buy the M4 Mud Mask for $119 vs $250 at the kiosks. Send an email to drgoren@hotmail.com for more info.

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  17. If you needed the products, got the products and were happy with the price…why do you title this “suckered”…I wouldn’t say you were suckered…I would say you were sold. And I am sure that you love the buffer and cuticle oil…as the products from Seacret are absolutely fabulous

  18. Those products suck big time.! ThIs company is disgusting.! They r really good at fooling ppl..I DONT KNOW WHY DID I BUY THAT MUD MASK AND NAIL BUFFER.! Too pricyy n rubbish

    1. Then you should send them back. They have a 30 day money back guarantee. Don’t bad mouth the products return them, get your money back. A lot of other people are quite happy with their products. I personally have never had a unsatisfied customer, but that’s what the money back guarantee is for


    1. Please don’t convince people to hate the PRODUCTS because of a personal Bad experience. It wasn’t the product you are unsatisfied with, its your customer service! Email me pics of your expired products, when I get them, I PERSONALLY will send you a free kit at no cost to you (if I determine the products are in the condition you stated) just to make it right by you. The company has gone into referral marketing and a lot of us, base our lively hood on what others say about our products. (more than 90% of advertising is through word of mouth). I got in this business to help people with skin conditions like my mom and brother who have eczema so bad, its was a good day if they could go a day without bleeding from their skin being so damaged and dry. Now they both use the products and have very strong testimonies of what the products have done for them (you can’t even tell they ever had eczema and they have both gone months with no bleeding or any outbreak at all). This product can help millions, but only if people have good things to say about it

      So Leda, Please email me at seacret_agent_salt@yahoo.com, and I will do what I can to change your mind, just give me the opportunity to. My name is Kandi Meyers and I will be glad to help others too.

  20. Oh, man, seems like I’m not the only one. These guys push you to the limits. They won’t let you leave at ALL. I get the feeling they’re setting their prices high so when customers come, they try to hook you in by giving you a ‘deal’ to make it seem ‘cheaper.’

  21. My boyfriend recently purchased the nail care package, in milk and honey for me for our anniversary present, a couple days ago after one of my friends persuaded me to buy it. I was going to be rude and say I wasn’t interested but I thought I’d give it a chance and see what my friend had to say. Sure enough it was the longest speech EVER… And I did butt in a couple of times to say stuff like, “This is a pretty good speech, eh?” or “How long did you say that in the mirror for?” She asked if she could buff my nail and sure enough it looked shiny and gorgeous. I asked if I could try the cuticle oil and it seemed moisturizing, even for an oil (you just gotta rub it in well). She didn’t give me a price because I wasn’t too sure if I was going to get it or not, but after my boyfriend said we’d go halvsies she said I could get it at Worker’s Discount. Apparently it was about $30. I was pretty stoked, even though I didn’t pay for it.

  22. Today I got suckered into a demonstration. It was pretty entertaining. I’m a single guy (first question she asked) and the saleslady was a somewhat attractive woman (but not my type). She really tried selling sex, telling me I was a great looking guy but needed to take care of my skin (which was funny, because I’m butt ugly). She kept touching my shoulder and my arm all the time.

    Unfortunately she had me pinned to to a chair where I could only have gotten up by physically pushing her away. She really cornered me. Still it was entertaining. I didn’t buy anything, because it’s the type of stuff even if I got for free I wouldn’t use it.

    I’m really curious as to how much they can make. It doesn’t seem worth the trouble, her pitch was really intense and kinda creepy. I’m thinking she could clear more working as a barmaid.

  23. Awesome post. More people need to think this way. Yes, the people at the kiosks are very pushy. That is why they have gotten rid of that form of marketing. A lot of the people were dishonest and rude. Of course the company doesn’t agree with that so they started direct marketing over a year ago. It’s a lot funner and way more comfortable. The people that were selling to you and beimg rude are not a direct reflection of the company because the owners of the comapny are actually the nicest people you would ever meet. So don’t let the rude people be your only experience for such a great product. The products are cheaper than were being sold at the kiosks. Some would sell it for more because they had to make a profit. If anyone would like to buy the product for cheaper then visit my website. Have a great day!

  24. I live in Chicago, USA and the nail salon where I have a manicure every two weeks uses a “like” product which I like very much. My niece wanted the nail kit and when I purchased online on May 2012, the Co offered for $11 US, 3 free buffers over a 36 month period. I had never heard of this Co and didn’t want to purchase anything until I did some research but my niece “couldn’t wait”. Sooo, I purchased the kit with the 3 buffers extra guarantee. Today I called the Co to request the 1st buffer and was told that the website they have to use to procces my request doesn’t work and they don’t know when will be working and the man in charge of it is in Israel.
    FRAUD, nothing but FRAUD!!!!

    1. Liliana Please see one of my posts above. I will be glad to make this right. Email me at seacret_agent_salt@yahoo.com with the details of your purchase, and I will do what I can to make sure you are satisfied. And Please specify if you are dissatisfied with your customer service experience or the product

  25. I, too, was acosted today by a man at the Seacret kiosk. I told him I already had too many beauty products, then he asked me if my nails were natural. After I told him yes, he grabbed my hand and proceeded to buff and polish my nails. I told him that I currently did not have a job or disposable income, but he continued on with the polishing process. The final “buffing” actually burned a little and I said, “Ouch, that burned a little” and he stopped. I thanked him for the demonstration and said I would think about it after I got a job. Walking away, I looked at my thumb nail and is was as glossy as glass, I turned around and went back to the kiosk and he was actually helping somone esle. I waited patiently until he was finished and I said, “I’m back, I like how this looks. How much is the buffer?” He then had the nerve to tell me he WOULD NOT SELL ME THE PRODUCT BECAUSE I HAD OFFENDED HIM. In shock, I asked what I had done to offend him. He said that he had offered me a FREE demonstration and wasn’t trying to SELL me anything — he was giving me a gift!! I was stunned by this … I’m a very polite person. I said “Seriously, you actually won’t sell me the buffer?” He walked a way in a huff. Really? Seriously?

    1. Wow that blows my mind! Email me and I will help make it right! I am a Seacret Agent so I do not work at the kiosk, I do not get paid by the hour, I only make commission off what I sell so I very much appreciate the customer as the person helping provide my paycheck. I apologize that your experience was AWFUL in all aspects of the word. But please email me Melissa at seacret_agent_salt@yahoo.com

  26. I was walking with my mother in the West End shopping mall in Hungary about a month ago when the sales guy caught us. I immediately saw through him but my mom was interested (she’s a bit naive) so I stuck with them and tried to negotiate on my mom’s behalf. In the end we got a full presentation, which I thoroughly enjoyed: the sales guy’s strategy was very obvious but he was ridiculously charming and entertaining, probably the best salesperson I’ve ever seen, and my mom enjoyed being pampered. In the end he got my mom to buy the nail kit and some other products (at the lowest price he was willing to go, unfortunately I can’t remember the actual amount), and even *I* bought the mud mask – he probably noticed that I’d seen through him because he gave me his email address to tell him how I liked the product (of course I never wrote him). When we walked away I told him “you’re a genius!” 🙂

    I don’t feel I was suckered (though I think nail buffer IS a blatant ripoff but hey, my mom wanted it). I use the mud mask once a week, it feels very good, and it will last a while. Checking the website, I paid about the same amount that is listed there, maybe a couple euros more.

    As for the nail buffer, though, I can’t believe they’re selling it at this ridiculous price and that people are buying it. I’ve been using a buffer block with a file set that I bought at DM for a fragment of Seacret’s price, and it does the exact same thing: shiny, pretty nails.

  27. By the way, if anyone reads this – it’s best to have a strategy for these kind of situations. Pretend that you’re loyal to a big-name brand (like Shiseido) and you’re unwilling to part from it, or that you’re uncertain and need to consult your beautician first, etc. A friend of mine told me she went to a Seacret kiosk with another friend and they haggled good cop/bad cop style, and it worked wonderfully: they bought lots of things at a very reasonable price.

  28. Got accosted by a Seacret salesman in Toronto this week and came online to see how badly I got suckered – lol! The gentleman simply would not let me go even after I said a flat-out “no” several times and eventually I graduated to “I’ll think about it,” and then “Fine, why not.” I got the peeling gel and the nail buffer for what didn’t seem like a bad price ($45 CAD plus tax) but is way more than I usually spend on cosmetics. Good to know that other people had the same trouble with these guys’ approach! Man, are they good at this or what!?

  29. I got suckered by these people yeeeears ago. I normally avoid kiosk people like the plague; they’re pushy and awful. I once had one stop me to point out my terrible acne, and I flat told him to stop and f*ck off. But the Seacret one got me and my roommate walking through the mall near Christmas. He did the whole chatty nailbuffing thing, was very sweet (though not the bombshell charmer I keep seeing described), and tried to talk me into buying one for 60 bucks. I’ll tell you right now, I don’t use beauty product; I don’t wear makeup, I file my nails rarely, I just don’t. But the nail buffing thing was impressive; it stayed shiny forever after that.

    After several blatant “I’m in college, I’m too poor” and “I don’t do this stuff”s, he ended up offering me the whole kit for thirty bucks. It started as two for thirty bucks each and I told him not happening, so he settled. I still have the cuticle oil, five years later, but that neat little buffer conveniently vanished. And the Walmart knock-off was shredded in the first half hour; it didn’t put out even half the result. So for that, I give them props; my nails are flaky and layered, so that buffing block came in handy. Until it disappeared. Sigh.

    But like everyone else, I’m comforted to know that I wasn’t suckered so much as that Seacret hires the most charismatic, persuasive people they can to peddle this stuff. I saw another booth in the mall the other day–same mall, same roommate at my side–and we made a wide arc around it. I still have the lotion, and will never use it. Please, stay next to your booth.

  30. It’s scary how redundant all our stories are. Pushy yet charming salesperson, offers a “deal” because you’re “special,” reels you in with offer number two… Sold. That was me. A couple of years ago I was offered the nail care kit at $60. Turned that down. Yesterday I bought one for around $35 and so far only tried it on a few fingers. So far so good. I’m hoping it won’t wear down my nails, like I’ve heard it did to some people’s nails. $35 isn’t too bad, but on Amazon (and probably Ebay) you can find their products for much much cheaper.

    I say the best approach here for those who actually want the product is to haggle. If I knew $20 was possible, I would have! That or just let them talk and talk and maybe do all your nails and maybe throw in some free samples and then tell them you already bought it before. Ha.

    I love that you also saw this as helping someone make a living. Part of that drove me to buy it.

  31. I have been stopped by these people before. 2 years ago I was offered the buffer bar for $15. I bought it. I wasn’t disappointed, though. It was a pretty good investment. I get very ridged nails and this takes care of it.

    I was then approhed by a friend of mine who was selling seacret products through network marketing. she informed me that there is an opportunity to make some money. I took her up on the offer and now sell the products as well as use them myself.

    My suggestion: DON’T buy from the kiosk, find a direct seller. It’s cheaper and we do carry samples as well as throw “Spa Parties”. One product I suggest is the “Mud Soap”. This was the first product I have bought and in 1 week my eczema has reduced in appearance by about 80%.

    If you want to check out other products, http://www.seacretdirect.com/stevenwojcik

    cheers. 🙂


      1. emmm maybe because they say you can’t? at least on my receipt it says only exchange, not refund. even if the sales person told me they would refund if i wasn’t satisfied which i’m not because they made me break out. I feel so stupid, i fell into the trap just as a bunch of other people.

  33. I tried a scrub body butter duo on my hands (just to try it; it’s meant for your whole body) and it was amazing; paraben free too; highly recommend it. it’s the pomegranate sea salt and oil scrub for all skin types and a milk and honey body butter also for all skin types

  34. I actually had a Seacret sales lady ask if she could follow me to my ATM to get some money out (when I said that I didn’t have $90 on me and I couldn’t afford the cream she was selling me), at that point I was like yeah I’m not giving you my money or letting you follow me anywhere. bye.

  35. Last November I was in a shopping mall in Italy with my mum when a Seacret sale lady approached us with a free sample of their products. We already knew them because of their nail kit they tried to sell us in the past – EUR 40!! This time they tried to sell us the mud mask. Unfortunately my mum was curious to see the product. She ended up on a chair, cornered behind a presentation desk with her face covered in half with some black mud. The presentation lasted at least 20min – indeed the result was impressive. When we asked for the price, the lady started showing us all the rates of her different products (all incredibly high) to show us that her products were from the highest standards. After again a lot of sales talk she finally gave us the price: EUR 180. We were in shock! and tried to leave. She kept on talking to us and lowered the price to EUR 150, then to EUR 120. Still no positive reaction from us. She then said she was going to talk to her manager in Israel to get us a better price: she lowered to EUR 100. As we started to be annoyed she finally offered to us the staff rate – renouncing to her commission – and offered EUR 80. And this is when I really got fed up! I said “Thank you” gave her back her sample and finally we left after 30min!! My question is: Don’t they feel ashamed ripping off people like they do? Initially offering a product at EUR 180 and at the end still wanting to sell it for EUR 80? The product might be good, but still, I do not like the idea of buying from people that have so little respect for their potential customers.

  36. Talk about synchronicity….. I just got back from the mall, with one very shiny nail thanks to the Seacret buffer guy, and wanted to find reviews on the product. I read your blog, with the mention at the end of Julia Cameron’s book which I’d never heard of before today – when a friend at work told me about it…. It sounds very interesting. I also wanted to say that I like your take on why the sales pitch worked… Cheers!

  37. An Israeli boy sold this to us in a mall in Wellington, NZ. I used the product and the result was amazing. We tried to get extra supplies from the website etc., but could not even get a reply from them.

    1. I.can help with that. I sell seacret products. Not for the retail price either. I sell for the price i pay. The entire nail kit for me as an agent is about 25 us dollars. Email me, or go to my website. http://Www.seacretdirect.com/ginakilby if you want to pay me via Paypal i can have the items shipped directly to your home or business. It is much cheaper this way. Or you can become a preferred customer. No fees, no gimmicks. Order once, be done, fine, no problem. Or order every other month, perfectly fine. Super easy:)

  38. I was hustled by the seacret mall kiosk a few years back by a charming guy. I was young and naive back then, but only ended up spending $27 on the nail buffer set which served its purpose for a short time. Anyway he showed me fake receipts of other customer purchases to make me feel guilty after the fact he was complimenting me like crazy and when I wasnt interested he pulled the guilt trip act (whatever). I thought that was unprofessional of him to show me the receipts, and also to get upset over the fact that he wasn’t going to make a sale, which he did anyway. He turned into a total dick instantly. Now, whenever I walk by these kiosks I say ‘No thanks’ and walk on by, since I was so turned off by that one experience because their so ruthless to make a sale. Its so pathetic and unclassy. Just wanted to share.

  39. Well hello i was caught in the Mall Murray Bridge S A. and what a waste of money, i will never be caught again, i spent &5oo . on a product that will not work , i will warn all my friends keep away from these people , it is a big scam and i am on a Pention.

  40. Have enjoyed reading all of the above. I too was approached only this afternoon when I was walking through the local shopping centre and ,y ,ind was elsewhere. Same tactics, no I haven’t time etc etc by my hand was grabbed, sales lady began her verbal speech…IN ALL MY LIFE I HAVE NEVER EVER BEEN TALKED INTO BUYING SOMETHING IN THIS SORT OF SITUATION. I walked away thinking, what have I done????. WHY did I do that?????? I did not believe her when she said $112 purchase cost could be brought down to $60. Yes, I paid it and I only have myself to blame if it doesn’t work. And I too found this blog because I wanted to see what I could find online about it. Ah well, one of life’s experiences eh?

  41. LOL!!!
    Everyone who bought the buffer got suckered!!!!!
    I went to my local Coles (it’s a supermarket)
    And got a nail buffer for $2.50, with exactly the same results
    I live in Western Australia and my mum also was approached by a salesman
    Twice. The first time was for a hand lotion and the second was for the nail buffer.
    The lotion is pretty nice but she didn’t get the buffer.

    1. Believe me if you bought the actual SEACRET nail buffer you didn’t get suckered. Yes my local dollar tree offers a similar nail buffer (1.00 in Oregon with no sales tax) I bought one to compare to the seacret buffer. In one use…One use! The 1.00 buffer tore. And it took much more physical effort to get the results like you do from the seacret buffer. Did you know Seacret uses Sea Salt and crushed diamond dust on their rough side?? You know the other brands use glorified sand paper. Im just saying….you get what you pay for!! PS the Seacret buffer also has replacement parts for all 4 sides of the buffer. Talk to an Agent. Let me know if your buffer lasts or how many new 2.50 one’s you buy

  42. actually this happened today to me (nz) and with the exact same product.
    my seller i think was actually israeli/middle eastern and she filed one nail. it was shiny and i was taken back by the buffer, but she tried to sell me a product for $100. after she was going to tell me a “secret” she then showed me a larger box with a bigger hand lotion for $49.99 and told me she buys it for her mum. i felt guilty after i said i didn’t have enough (and i don’t usually have that much for small grocery shopping anyway) and she instantly dismissed me. she also told me she was going to give me her business card but she didn’t.

    well then.

  43. I had the same thing happen to me, but i didn’t buy it. (Shame) Don’t know why, but It’s hard when folks are trying to sell us. We tend to want to flee! But think about it, we are selling everyday. You sell yourself during an interview, your kids sell you on that new toy they want and you sell yourself as to why someone should do business with you. So knowing more about the company now, I decided to join and get my own nail kit for $20. Great stuff! Join too and get the same nail kit! Seacretdirect.com/letemia it’s definitely improved my child’s eczema and I love its anti-inflammatory effects on my skin. It’s nature based and is from the DeadSea!

  44. Ugh. I’d never heard of secret before, but they suckered me too. I was out doing a little shopping in Brisbane, Australia while on holiday and a charming guy approached me. I normally avoid these stalls like the plague, but I was wasting time, so I thought I’d let him say his piece and then I’d leave. But he wouldn’t let me go, using all the tricks used above. It actually really annoys me to read they use the “It’s normally $70, but I’ll give you the student discount of $10 and actually, don’t tell my manager, but I’ll give you the pensioner discount of another $10” on everyone. In retrospect, of course they do, but I didn’t see it at the time. I tried “I’ll think about it and come back” but he wouldn’t allow it. I felt like I’d never get out unless I bought it. So in the end I caved and spent the $50, and I never buy these things. As soon as I got out I googled seacret and saw this. Now I just feel stupid. I guess it’s a good learning experience, I’ll never let a stall sucker me in like that again. But what a pain.

  45. Well, I can’t speak to the nail product(s), but I was trapped at a store in Key West, and bought the Seacret moisturizer ($200.00 USD) and peeling gel, as well as some other products. The moisturizer is fantastic. I have rosacea and this is the FIRST product that EVER removed ALL the rednessAND left my skin in really good sharp. I’m nearly 70 and I’ve been trying skin products all my adult life. I’ve NEVER found any product to compare with the Seacret moisturizer.

  46. Reading these comments has helped me calm down some. My wife just got back from the mall and was harassed by one of these salesmen until she claims that she finally broke under the pressure and bought something. He had her by the hand rubbing this cosmetic on her so the only thing she could do was forcibly pull her hand away. Of course the receipt says no returns. I would take it down there to try, but don’t think I could be civil enough. Thinking of filing a complaint with the mall.

    1. I apologize that a SEACRET sales representative would take advantage of someone like that. That is NOT the SEACRET way! In SEACRET, our goal is to build customer satisfaction through the initial demo and then through regular usage of a superior product. Your wife has a great product and I hope her negative experience in receiving it does not take away her will to use it. I’d suggest you call SEACRET customer service and report the kiosk agent. Be sure to mention the mall and city if you don’t know the agent’s name. If your wife would like to try more product and have the chance of being treated like every SEACRET customer should be treated, please email me or check out my website.

      SEACRET Customer Service: 877-680-9622
      My email: yhwhchai@gmail.com
      My website: SEACRETDIRECT.com/YasharAhla
      My phone #: 414-687-6809

  47. Please go to Amazon.com where you can find Seacret products, which I love, for about 5% of the price I paid at the salon in Key West, and about a third of what I was quoted by an agent.
    Pushy doesn’t begin to describe what I experienced in Key West, but the Amazon.com Seacret prices are about 20% of what I paid for my La Prairie products at a discount Web site. I do love the products, but I would never have dreamed of buying them from Amazon.com if Mr. Pushy hadn’t prodded me into it.

    1. The products on Amazon are
      1: Expired
      2: Not actual product in container
      3: Not covered under 30 day money back guarantee
      Seacret is doing away with those pesky kiosks so everyone involved is unloading there product.
      Let me show you how to save up to 70% on all products, get a 30 day money back guarantee and get direct shipment from Seacret.

  48. LOL, I was “grabbed” by a Seacret lady in Amsterdam last weekend… Had never heard of the product, and no way was I going to shell out EUR 60, nor the later offer of EUR 40, for a box with products that I don’t need. Nice try, but no thank you.

  49. I was accosted at a kiosk Lougheed Mall in Burnaby last year and gave my usual “I have autoimmunity issues and can’t use your skincare”. The young girl just launched into her nail pitch. She was charming and persistent, despite my skepticism and repeated refusals. I finally bought a buffer block, which I thought was terribly overpriced, but I did need one, hers worked well during the pitch, and she also gave me the “lifetime guarantee” bit. A week or two later, the buffing surfaces shredded, but when I went to return the block to exchange the surfaces out, the business was gone. I googled the company and found a raft of similar experiences to mine, as well as the website: when I e-mailed them to ask for replacements, they said they couldn’t honour a receipt for one of their products purchased at a kiosk in a foreign country (ie. Canada). I was ticked, but chalked one up to experience.

    Flash forward to today: I sent my DIL out Christmas shopping at Metrotown where one of the kiosks had a SeacretSpa display. According to my DIL, the woman left the kiosk, walked over to her, grabbed her by the wrist and hauled her over to the cart and made her pitch. My DIL repeatedly told her she was a student, she was on a strict budget, and she wasn’t interested in her product. She wanted to leave, but the sales rep had actually *grabbed her shopping bags and would not give them back*. Moreover, she did not give them back until my DIL broke down and bought the cheapest thing she pitched her — a mud soap for $20.00! She came home very sheepish and embarrassed, so I just phoned up the mall’s admin and complained about the rep’s harrassment, bullying and high-pressure tactics. The mall agreed to take back the product and fully reimburse us. I told my DIL the next time a sales rep tries that with her, she’s to holler for mall security and make as big a scene as she can — these reps count on their clients politeness, that’s how they make a lot of their sales. Don’t give in! 😀

  50. I also purchased these products from a kiosk in Tacoma Washington. To be honest with you, I was totally impressed with the nail buffer as it lasts longer than most and does a wonderful job. However you can overdo it. As for the oil etc, I have found that the Barielle Cuticle oil and the nail cream works wonderful for the nails and helps them to grow. You do need to be consistent/nightly though. You can also try the Supplement Biotin which also strengthens the nails and helps them grow. I feel the Seacret Buffer is overpriced.

  51. shelly keeter says:
    I was not approached by the kiosk people I was approached by a friend who had gotten into this seacret agent stuff. Well dumb me fell for the spell and bought into the seacret scam which I will abmit is my foult and not his I did not do the research that I should have. I am no longer an agent but of course now I have the product I bought for an outraguous price. If anyone that does like this product I am almost willing to give it away contact me I only have a little but I will get rid of it at or maybe even below what you see it on amozone for go and look at those prices. contact me at sjkpirate@yahoo.com . Again the product is good I just did not use my head and got taken by a friend I will not be fooled again.
    Shelly Keeter Greenville North Carolina

  52. Yup. Especially when you can’t go back to point of sale for exchange/refund or get them to honour that so-called “lifetime warranty”!

  53. I got “Seacreted” in Toronto as well – but that’s cuz I made eye contact. Oops. Now I’m a guy, so stopping me must have taken some effort by the over enthusiastic salesman – but I guess I just look like the types who’d like to keep his nails healthy looking and well shaped (that’s not a bad thing right??). Anyways – the guy was extremely chatty – borderline flirtatious as well (and he may have thrown in some over the top innuendos – but I totally missed those since I was blinded by my new super shiny nails AND my now super moist and fairer looking hands – thanks to the salts). Whatever the case may be, Seacret does a fine job of hiring sales agents- they know exactly how to get you excited. I never ever ever EVER buy anything from pushy salespeople and usually walk away – but these guys and their products definitely have an appeal to them. For me, they worked, my nails have never looked nicer and my skin has never felt softer. Is it worth what you pay for it? – probably not – and the bath salts are far too coarse for my sensitive skin. I actually got scratched up pretty badly in the shower trying to apply the salt. Overall, I don’t mind the product – it’s been good to me (as was the salesman).

  54. I got “Seacreted” in the Atlanta suburbs at a mall kiosk. My experience was exactly like many I have read here – high pressure, high prices. The nail kit looks interesting but I am disappointed that I can get a cheaper price on eBay than in the local mall. Overall it was a very irritating experience – can I return the product?

  55. I got pounced by a dead sea set sales person years ago before I had kids (so, 2006, I think?). I remember being so amazed by my nails looking like glass. My husband bought the set for me. I still have the cuticle oil all this time later, but the buffer block? I buy them at the dollar store, lol. Back then, they were basically unheard of. Now they’re everywhere. But I loved your story XD

  56. My girl went orchard yesterday and ended up buying a nail buffer for $30!! I was furious when my 14 yrs old daughter told me she bought it for $30.she told me that the salelady grab her hand and start to polish her nail with the nail buffer while telling her that it comes with a lifetime warranty which cos $45.my girl told her she doesn’t have enough cash and try to leave when she continues pester her and her friend into buying it and drop the price to $30 as she say she is the manger. I call the lady to confront her and she said that she is just being nice to give my girl staff price since my girl like it! I was so angry with her when I ask her why must she continues to pester her when she already said she had not enough cash, she told me that she can’t turn down customer if customer wanted to buy!?? A big lesson my girl learn.

  57. I was approached by a promoter about this nail buffer. As a student, I was completely clueless of how to deal with such situation. The promoter was pestering me and kept ‘forcing’ me to get this product at $30.I was not willing to get one however being the innocent me, I gave in. I mean come on, I was a stupid student who was supposedly pitying the promoter who was trying so hard to earn money. What do you expect from me?
    Oh how foolish was I! $30 for a nail buffer? I could have bought 15 buffers from Daiso!
    I must admit that it was my fault for not standing up for myself and it was also partially because of how ‘innocent’ I was. However, I do not agree the way the promoter approach a student and pester him or her to purchase a product and not to mention an expensive one. It was truly a $30 wasted. How does a student even know whether it was worth it? And guess what?The promoter dared mocked me after my mother called her to complain. SHE MOCKED ME.
    And based on other posts I’ve seen about the product, some even bought it for $20 and some $30 for the whole set! What in the world is this nonsense?!
    Why would you approach an innocent student who knew nothing?TELL ME! AND SHE DARED MOCKED ME. SUCKISH people.Horribly cheated. I was indeed a street-fool.
    Please Youngsters,like me, learn to be streetwise! Do not allow such people to cheat you!!
    And seriously don’t bother getting any products from them anymore. There arw many other products which will give the best results! And not to mention cheaper!Or even best of all,have a healthy lifestyle. A cheap yet efficient way to get beautiful and healthy skin.
    Hard way to learn a lesson.
    Hope this company tumbles or at least stop cheating innocent people of their money.

  58. I love the nail buffer, it’s absolutely amazing, it feels lovely. I’m glad I was approached. I told him I’d only buy the buffer and to shove the other products out of his mind because I was only interested in the buffer. I am a female who has sausage fingers and my nails never grow long, they’re short and I hate nail polish. I loved the shine. I accomplished the shine I got there in less than a minute at home. I absolutely love this. My fingers (and nails) have never been feminine but now they are 🙂

  59. I was visiting Hungary, when this young, cute salesman from the Seacret store came to me and my sister and gave us a sample of tiny soaps. Well, we could have just walked away ignoring him or take the soaps and then walk away, but being our own fault, (i think) we fell for his charming looks and went into the store. There he started to buffer my sisters nails and the results were amazing! Her nails really looked like glass. Then he just kept demonstrating the nail kit and told that the results would last two weeks and how you can get new buffs online etc. Little later, his boss(i assume) came to us and started asking about us (country we live in, are we sisters, the city we live in and so on). Her boyfriend actually has been three times in my country and this saleslady talks my language quite a lot and seemed to be qenuinely interested about us. At the same time, she started to demonstrate the peeling gel on my sisters hand, and it seemed to work too amazingly. Back then, I didn’t feel that my attention was concentrated only on trying different products and soon having all the boxes on my arms and going to the cash register. I really think it was partly that, or most of, but I also felt well treated and beautiful( the saleslady kept flattering us and asked that do we have a brother). I didn’t feel that I was pushed to the corner and that they just wanted quickly our money and get rid of us. They were acting so professionally. At the end, we both bought the nail kit AND the peeling gel for 40€ per person, which i think is not that much for both products. Also she gave us a free gift card for 20 minutes in the fish spa, maybe because she really liked us or she just wants us to come back – and seeing how easy we were, taking again our money and maybe more this time. And I payed with credit card, so if there is more taken that 40€, I am definitely going back and angry!! As we were leaving the store, the cute salesman escorted us to the door and asked that did we have any plans for that evening and gave us his phone number. Haha so it was a interesting experience. I have liked the nail kit, but haven’t tried yet the peeling.

  60. This was a kiosk in Des Moines, IA at the Jordan Creek Mall.

    Normally I’m able to quickly walk past the mall kiosks without making eye contact or a simple “no thanks, not today.” However, the other day I wasn’t at the top of my game. I got suckered into talked to one of the girls who was working at the kiosk. She immediately went to work, putting lotion on my hands, asking me to “really challenge” her with my most problematic nail and using the nail buffer and cuticle oil on it. I honestly didn’t have that much cash on me, so it was quite easy to say no to the initial price of $80/kit. I’m constantly looking for a way to remove myself from this conversation and hard sales pitch while maintaining my nice persona. Nope. Eventually she goes down to $40/kit but insists that of course I can’t tell anyone because it’s that special of a deal and everything is on sale this week but this week only. Whatever. I do honestly struggle with my nails, so this is probably the best chance these people had with me getting one of their products.

    Later that night I start feeling sick to my stomach for spending $40 on nail stuff that I really couldn’t afford at this point. I go online to look at some information and am just bombarded with all of the complaints about their terrible business practices! Even though it was shocking, I’m glad I did because I quickly put together a game plan.

    I was going to get that elusive refund.

    Luckily, I hadn’t opened the product at all. I had my receipt, and yes, it did say “No Refunds, Exchanges within 14 days.” However, being the good student that I am, I quickly did some more research on state and federal laws to see if there was anything I could use when going for my refund. Iowa law prohibits consumer fraud – sales practices that are misleading/intend to deceive. I certainly see not informing customers of your irregular no refund policy as something that is quite misleading! There’s no right to cancel or to a refund in Iowa, as this is not a door-to-door sale.

    I went the very next day back to the kiosk. I still had the nail kit in the bag and the receipt. I do admit that I exaggerated a bit about an allergic reaction, but considering the amount of exaggerating the sales people do in order to sell the products, I’m not losing sleep over it. I insisted that the samples that were given to me the day earlier had made me break out and that I’d like a full refund. I told the man helping me that I had not opened the product and would appreciate a refund of my money.

    The salesman insisted that oh, no, it coudn’t be these products! And if it was just the lotion, then what if he just gave me a partial refund/discount and I could keep the nail buffer and cuticle oil? I insisted that no, after having an allergic reaction to the lotion and most likely the cuticle oil (as they came from the same manufacturer and likely the same ingredients) I did not want to risk using the products. I explained that I had very sensitive skin and sometimes have terrible allergies to certain ingredients. The salesman kept going back and forth with me, giving me different offers, but I kept insisting I did not want to keep any of the products, as I had not used them and did not want to risk another uncomfortable allergic reaction. This went on for quite awhile.

    I’m not a confrontational person. I dislike face-to-face conflict more than anything. I say this so that people who feel as though they do not want to be rude can be successful! I was just persistent and had a goal in mind of getting that refund. Eventually the salesman tells me that he cannot authorize a refund because he either cannot do it on the computer or needed authorization. He calls a boss (supposedly) and speaks in Hebrew (I do not speak Hebrew). He tells me his boss has authorized a deal. I tell him I do not understand why he cannot refund my money, the nail kit is untouched and unopened. He tells me that because it is a cosmetics, they cannot legally take returns.

    He then also points to the no refunds sign and the copy of the provision on the bottom of the receipt. I say that I was never informed of this policy before my purchase and the first time I was alerted to it was when I say it on the receipt after my purchase. I said I felt very it was very misleading and not what I would have expected from such a transaction. (A white lie, as I know now this is EXACTLY what to expect from such transactions!)

    No. I’ve done returns of cosmetics (OPEN COSMETICS EVEN) at Sephora and countless other stores when I’ve been dissatisfied. It’s never been a problem. So this is a straight up lie. Even Target will likely give you money back for an opened cosmetic product if you asked for one!

    The salesman then tells me to call his boss and explain my story to him. I acted quite dumb and asked “well weren’t you just on the phone with him? what did he say then?” The salesman insisted that maybe his boss would better understand if I explained my story to him. I told him I didn’t understand since his boss wasn’t there why he (the salesman) couldn’t just refund my cash I paid.

    Eventually through a lot of me standing firm and insisting that no, I just want a full refund. I tell him how misled I feel and that I’m very sorry that the product made me have an allergic reaction, but there you have it. He asks if there’s anyone I love in my life (are you kidding me??) and I say yes of course. And then the salesman tries to get me to give the kit to them instead of returning it! I laugh off the suggestion and tell him it’s too early for Christmas shopping and that I’d really like to return this today and worry about Christmas shopping in December.

    The salesman at some point is like fine, just because I want to do right by you because I feel so badly and I want to help you, so I’ll give you a refund. He then asks me for a credit card. I’m confused by this, as I paid in cash! He says he can’t do cash refunds because he doesn’t have the authorization. (So dumb? If anything, a credit card refund would need more authorization than a cash refund??) So I lie and say no. He continues to insist that he can only do it on the credit card. I eventually give in, even though I’m wary of these people having my credit card information. But at least that I can control with my credit card company if there is a problem. So he starts poking around on his register and after ten minutes of THAT he eventually tells me that he needs authorization???? So he texts his boss (supposedly) and we wait for his boss to text back with instructions on how to do a refund/authorization???


    The salesman then suggests that I come back when his boss is here, apparently tomorrow morning. I tell him no good, I’m at work. Will his boss text back quickly today? The salesman says maybe. I tell him I’ll be back in 30 minutes after I hop into another store. The salesman looks relieved and I check the time.

    I make sure to grab both my nail kit AND my receipt before I leave the kiosk area. Then, I head up to mall management. I didn’t think there was anything they could do for me, but I was certainly going to see if they had any suggestions. They were very kind and knew exactly what I was talking about when I explained the situation to them. I explained that I had gotten them to agree to a full refund, but that the salesman was waiting for “authorization.” They didn’t have any advice, but did take down my information and said they would contact the kiosk owner.

    I then started to grow worried that 30 minutes away from the kiosk would give the salesman a chance to take the money out of the drawer or something and then show me his money drawer was empty as to reason why I couldn’t be given a refund. So I went back early. Both of the salespeople at the kiosk were busy helping other customers. I was tempted to warn them, but unfortunately my selfish desire to stay on decent terms with the salesman and get my own money back won out. I waited around the kiosk for 5 minutes or so until the salesman was free to help me. This time he simply was like “I can get you your cash refund.”

    EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED. I didn’t have to mess around with a refund on my credit card! (what the hell??)

    I remained cool and thanked him for his understanding and told him I really appreciated him working with me. I’ve got to work on being more assertive, but for now, I used what I do have – the ability to make people want to help me. I’m fairly certain that I couldn’t intimidate a fly.

    Things to Remember:

    – It’s easiest if the box is unopened. It’s a strong fact to refer back to when you are negotiating. The fact that it is not opened and it is not used. They can put it right back on their shelf and sell it to someone else.
    – Make sure you have your receipt. Save yourself that fight.
    – Take note of where the signs are posted. If they sell anything in front of you while you are there at the kiosk negotiating a return, take notice if they gesture to the sign or make any reference to the return policy (or lack thereof). It’s a good thing to know and it’ll make you feel better in knowing that you were likely never told about the policy either. In fact, the sales I saw happen in front of me, the customer was by the products and never behind the register area where the signs were located!! That’s not even to mention the fact that they were small, out of the way, and nearly hidden by a shelf.
    – At some point, the salesperson will likely call their boss for authorization or to “see what they can do for your situation.” Let them do this, try to talk them into a refund as much as possible. Then it’ll turn into them trying to get you to come in the next morning or for you to call their manager/owner. Don’t do this!! When this happened to me, I said “well weren’t you just on the phone with him? i don’t understand!” and eventually I made the salesman call by just acting quite dumb about why I had to call when he had JUST talked to his manager?? Seriously. I can’t do mean or rude, but I can do dumb and annoying. Not sure what that says about me.
    – Be persistent!!!! I think the real reason for my success was that I was taking up SO MUCH of the salesman’s time that it was just easier for him to give me my return so he could stop talking to me and sell to 6 other people. Keep in mind, they make their money by making many expensive sales. If you’re arguing over a small refund, you’re keeping him from making 4+ sales! I wasn’t loud or rude, but I was a tad annoying! I wasn’t going anywhere! I kept insisting that I didn’t understand why they wouldn’t take unopened product back when I had an adverse reaction to it! I sounded like a broken record, but eventually I honestly think they got tired of me and sent me on my way with my money

    1. My boyfriend’s mother was pushed into getting her finger buffed yesterday at the kiosk in Des Moines, IA at Jordan Creek Mall too. The guy wouldn’t let her go even though we had to see a movie in 15 mins. He striked her a deal saying if she bought 2 nail collection kits for $80 each he’ll throw in a 3rd one for free. She bought that deal and we hurried our way to the movie theater so we wouldn’t miss the beginning. She gave me one of those kits and I have to say I really like the nail buffer. I looked on their website and found out the price for the nail kit is way cheaper online though. Both prices online and at the kiosk are super expensive. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you get a really good deal for it online.

  61. Walk Away From These People! I’m from Mauritius and they every where at the mall, trying to sale this products, they make the price very high, when you say “I’ll think about it” they will cut the price in half, I bought the products in a decent price in the state, every where it is much cheaper than here, it’s one company here and they ask 10 times more of the normal price

  62. I had to buy from the most persistent sales guy on Planet Earth and took home the Dead Sea Salt and other items. The Dead Sea Salt saved my life when I got a carbuncle. Don’t laugh at the miracles from the Holy Land!

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