Sun salutation, cat, and the meaning of accommodation

My student Mieko sent me this mesmerizing video. “My cat only scratches my yoga mat,” she wrote, “How is your cat?”

My cat occasionally joins me on the mat, sauntering underneath my Adho Mukha Svanasana, nudging my legs when I’m sitting, or plopping himself at feet when I’m in a lunge. I make way for him, but my asana is compromised.

Or is it? The girl in this video continues moving while balancing a cat on her back. Meanwhile the kitty, who simply wanted a stable perch, adapts to her movements with impressive composure, burrowing into her lumbar spine with grace, tenacity, and pointy claws.

Talk about accommodation! Make the most you can with what you’ve got.


  1. In response to our conversations about the boycott of Israeli beauty products, I send you the following:

    Flash mob who occupied a Bed, Bath and Beyond store in California to protest their sale of two products that are illegally produced on Palestinian occupied land.

    Now this, in my opinion, is how to do politics. Creative, beautiful, brave, humorous, unflinching.

    happy new year.


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