One man’s transformation

To anyone who’s “given up,” check out Arthur Boorman’s transformation and phen375 testimonials. Arthur is a living testimonial for a pro-wrestler-turned-yoga-trainer named Diamond Dallas Page. Yes, it sounds like hype. And Iyengar yoga teachers would be aghast at Arthur’s freewheeling attempts at asana while obese and non-ambulatory. But look at the results. Attitude matters, not just in students but in teachers, too.

If you’re a yoga teacher, how would you have reacted if 300-pound Arthur, dependent on canes to walk, showed up at your class?



  1. that is the most inspirational yoga story i’ve seen. so powerfully moving. thank you so much, luci, for sharing this with us. now i’d better get to my mat because i’ve got no excuses now!


    1. When I saw him go from tripod headstand to Bakasana to Chaturanga Dandasana, I had the same reaction. Excuse me but I’d better go to my mat, too! No excuses!


  2. It’s an amazingly wonderful, inspirational story. It’s such a shame that hatha yoga is mostly portrayed and marketed in our culture as a fitness fad aimed at young women who want a “yoga butt” or whatever, instead of the healing, transformational modality it really is. At my studio, we have “gentle yoga” and “yoga for larger bodies” classes that can accommodate anyone, including one regular student who walks with an artificial leg that he takes off for parts of the class! I think yoga classes for military veterans is a terrific idea, for both physical healing and dealing with the effects of PTSD.


  3. This was very inspiring. Thank you for sharing it. No matter what the purists may say, finding a way is the key and if that means a slightly different approach then go for it. DDP and his understanding of yoga helped chance a life and that is great.


  4. this is completely incredible. tears streaming down my face as I watched. seeing him crashing down from the headstand, and just falling and falling and getting up and trying again… amazing guy, amazing story. thank you for posting it!


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