In real life, Yoga Spy is Luci Yamamoto. I’m a writer, editor, and Iyengar yoga teacher based in Vancouver. In 2009, I started this blog to express my myriad thoughts on yoga—and on life in general. My posts covered wide-ranging topics, including teaching trends, home practice, anatomy, and peak performance.

Why Yoga Spy? At first, I wanted to hide my identity, to be an anonymous, objective observer. Eventually everyone knew that I was Yoga Spy, but I kept the moniker because it resonated with me. Part of me always feels a bit removed, an outsider even where I’m ostensibly an insider, like a spy.

Over time, my outlet declined to the point of dormancy for two years from 2019 to 2021. I had no shortage of ideas, but I couldn’t motivate myself to follow through and write. In January 2021, I decided that Yoga Spy had run its course, that it was time to move on—and started a new blog at my website.

But readers were confused and still signed up to follow Yoga Spy. It weighed me down to have two blogs “out there.” Redundancy can be useful and provide a backup. But sometimes it’s needless. Simplify, simplify.

In April 2021, I revived Yoga Spy. My blogging style was initially quite different, so don’t expect consistency in content or voice. In the early 2010s I focused on modern yoga culture and trends; I was rather critical, often going off on some rant! Back then I wrote frequent short posts; I eventually preferred to write more thorough article-length pieces. Early blog design—not only mine, but in general—was much smaller in scale: small fonts, small photos. My older posts look so retro!

The question now? Can I keep Yoga Spy alive? My goal is to publish one post monthly. Hold me to it.