Know yourself

Tomorrow Canada faces Slovakia in the men’s hockey semifinals at the Winter Olympic Games. The USA faces Finland. Of course, all Canadians are eager for a Canada-USA final—for redemption after the Americans’ upset win last Sunday. (USA goalie Ryan Miller stood on his head! You must be a madman to want to be a goalie.)…… Continue reading Know yourself

Olympic fever

I’ve lived mostly in balmy climates, from Hawaii to California, so winter sports are quite foreign to me. Luge? Biathlon? Curling? But I’ve also made Canada my home, and I’m riveted by the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. The snowboarding and alpine skiing events blow my mind, the way they require utter fearlessness about big air…… Continue reading Olympic fever

Does ahimsa apply to spiders?

Since childhood, I’ve had two reactions to spiders: (1) drop everything and flee; or (2) whack with lethal force. While rather sheepish later (once my heartbeat returns to normal), my reaction is instinctive and overwhelming. With no one to blame, I point to the children’s classic Be Nice to Spiders by Margaret Bloy Graham. Mom would…… Continue reading Does ahimsa apply to spiders?

Yogic eating

In the February 2010 issue of Yoga Journal, Jessica Berger Gross wrote “An Honest Meal,” about how yoga changed her relationship with food. It’s a neat summary of her memoir, enLIGHTened, which I reviewed in my second blog post, “Do yoga, lose weight,” last August. (I recommend reading the whole book, which more satisfyingly details…… Continue reading Yogic eating

All-or-nothing resolutions

He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future. George Orwell My free three-week pass at the mega studio elapsed on Monday. I took 25 classes in 20 days. A limited-time offer is a great motivator, isn’t it? Perhaps resolutions serve the same purpose. Here, the impetus is not a…… Continue reading All-or-nothing resolutions

Shopping, sales, and greed

Against my better judgment, I decided to “browse” at the after-Christmas sales last Saturday. Purchase #1: After a yoga class at the mega studio I’ve been featuring, I browsed through their book selection. While I’m an Iyengar devotee, I’m also curious about Yin yoga, and I was tempted by Sarah Powers’s Insight Yoga and Bernie…… Continue reading Shopping, sales, and greed

Make the most you can with what you’ve got

In a prior post, “Reawakening the body,” I discuss toe mobility and the possibility of developing “yoga feet” by willpower and lots of practice. Those of us with spreadable, grippy toes might feel relieved of further effort. But, let’s face it, grabbing fallen objects and opening cabinet doors is mere child’s play. For real dexterity, check…… Continue reading Make the most you can with what you’ve got

Sigg as scapegoat?

First, let me say that I’m never been gaga over Sigg. I own no Sigg bottles. In fact, I’m not big on carrying water bottles around. I generally drink lots of water at home (in glasses and mugs). Hanging out at a cafe, I use their tableware. Working out at a gym, I drink from…… Continue reading Sigg as scapegoat?

The font guy

I recently posted a YogaSpy flyer at the studio I attend. I’m trying to garner a local audience, for comments from people in my own community. Because I’m still somewhat anonymous, I can’t go around telling folks about my blog. Hence, the flyer. I wasted an inordinate amount of time choosing a font. Ever fool…… Continue reading The font guy

Emergencies and emotions

Walking to a yoga class in October, my friend Marie accidentally tripped and fell amid a big road construction project near the Berkeley studio. She was not seriously injured, but she did fall hard on her face, skinning her nose and scraping her hands and a knee. Arriving bleeding at the studio, Marie’s longtime teacher…… Continue reading Emergencies and emotions

Extreme breath control

I first read about the sport of freediving two summers ago, in an August/September 2008 Hana Hou! magazine article, “On One Breath” by Michael Shapiro. Researching the sport with gusto, Shapiro himself trains to do a four-minute breath hold and a 100-foot dive. Insanity! My interest was further piqued in “The Deepest Dive,” The New…… Continue reading Extreme breath control