Yoga and the art of cake baking

The other day I tried a gingerbread recipe for the first time. I love gingerbread in all of its forms: Luscious cake, oozing molasses from Sweet Adeline in Berkeley. Crisp Moravian cookies, bursting with spices, from C Adams Bakery in Milwaukee. My mom’s hearty gingerbread men, handmade one by one. My favored baking pan is…… Continue reading Yoga and the art of cake baking

Halloween treats and ahimsa

Do I uphold the yama (moral rule) of ahimsa (non-violence)? My automatic answer is, “Of course.” When I think of non-violence, my mind leaps to egregious examples of violence. Murder. Arson. Chasing cats with vacuum cleaners. I’d never do any of that. But then I read books that define ahimsa broadly. In addition to not…… Continue reading Halloween treats and ahimsa

Ginger and karma yoga

For over a decade, among my closest friends was Ginger, a calico cat rescued from the wild. Beautiful, with striking markings, she had a feral streak and the classic temperamental calico personality. We had our roommate clashes; she was not the docile type and liberally used claws and teeth to make a point. Once, during…… Continue reading Ginger and karma yoga