Somerset Maugham

Maugham portrait

To read a favorite author’s oeuvre is a longtime scheme of mine. While I am an avid reader, I have never gone through a major writer’s lifetime body of work. (JD Salinger, perhaps, but his is a short list.) I typically veer away from one writer to pursue another compelling voice. In December 2014, however, I decided to read all of W Somerset Maugham‘s fiction. My progress is charted below, with books completed since then in blue font; previously read books are noted in green font. His lesser-known titles are virtually impossible to find, so my attempt to be a “completist” will probably not come to pass. (If you have access to my unread titles, please contact me.)

Novels and story collections of W. Somerset Maugham (1874–1965)

Liza of Lambeth (1897)
The Making of a Saint (1898)
Orientations (1899)
The Hero (1901)
Mrs Craddock (1902)
The Merry-go-round (1904)
The Bishop’s Apron (1906)
The Explorer (1908)
The Magician (1908)
Of Human Bondage (1915)
The Moon and Sixpence (1919)
The Trembling of a Leaf: Little Stories of the South Sea Islands (1921)
The Painted Veil (1925)
The Casuarina Tree: Six Stories (1926)
Ashenden: Or the British Agent (1928)
Cakes and Ale: or, the Skeleton in the Cupboard (1930)
Six Stories Written in the First Person Singular (1931)
The Book Bag (1932)
The Narrow Corner (1932)
Ah King (1933)
Judgment Seat (1934)
Cosmopolitans (1936)
Theatre (1937)
Christmas Holiday (1939)
Princess September and the Nightingale (1939)
The Mixture as Before (1940)
Up at the Villa (1941)
The Hour Before the Dawn (1942)
The Unconquered (1944)
The Razor’s Edge (1944)
Then and Now (1946)
Creatures of Circumstance (1947)
Catalina (1948)
Quartet (1948)
Trio (1950)
Encore (1952)