Loss of control

Reading “What Broke My Father’s Heart,” New York Times Magazine, June 14, 2010, by Katy Butler, plus readers’ comments, disconcerted me on several levels. First, it forced me to contemplate my own parents’ aging (and my ability eventually to help them when I live thousands of miles away). Second, it highlighted the pitfalls in the…… Continue reading Loss of control

Yoga Rx for my dad

For the past five or so years, I’ve wanted my dad to do asanas for his tight shoulders, chest, and upper back. While he’s fit and lean (and suntanned from gardening, golfing, and simply being an outdoorsman in Hawaii his whole life), he’s got “slouch” (that’s hyper-kyphosis to the Iyengar contingent) written in his genes.…… Continue reading Yoga Rx for my dad

What’s your “work”?

My friend Eve, yoga teacher and writer, tries to limit her consumption of carbohydrates. High-protein foods, such as fish and poultry, don’t seem to add fat around her middle as carbs do. I’ve heard this claim before. But I’ve always eaten carbs with no ill effects. I grew up eating Japanese sticky rice and soft white…… Continue reading What’s your “work”?

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Does 55+ yoga make sense?

In a March 1, 2010, New York Times article,  “Old Age, From Youth’s Narrow Prism,” Marc E Agronin, MD, examines our conceptions (and misconceptions) about old age. He’s often surprised when his geriatric patients contradict his expectations. He writes, “All of us lapse into such mistaken impressions of old age from time to time. It…… Continue reading Does 55+ yoga make sense?

Sugar, sleep, and Steve Nash

Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash credits two things to his excellent health and performance at age 36: avoiding refined sugar and getting enough sleep. See Nash’s sample daily diet here. (In case you’re clueless about pro basketball, Nash is a superstar and two-time NBA MVP who grew up in Victoria, BC. He was among the final five torch bearers…… Continue reading Sugar, sleep, and Steve Nash

Is stretching overrated?

In yoga, it’s an advantage to have stretchy, elastic muscles. Touching the toes is not enough; yogis strive to clasp behind ankles, with forearms hugging calves and forehead pressed low on shins. But is such flexibility good for anything else? In the New York Times’s Phys Ed column, Gretchen Reynolds wrote an intriguing article, “How…… Continue reading Is stretching overrated?

Reawakening the body

“It’s not over,” he said. “There’s always a chance to change. You should not — you dare not — give up.” Gregg Mozgala, actor and dancer with cerebral palsy In yoga classes, I’ve notice some students’ difficulty moving their ankles and toes. Point, flex. Easy enough. Rotate them in synchronized circles. Okay. Now flex only…… Continue reading Reawakening the body