Make the most you can with what you’ve got

In a prior post, “Reawakening the body,” I discuss toe mobility and the possibility of developing “yoga feet” by willpower and lots of practice. Those of us with spreadable, grippy toes might feel relieved of further effort. But, let’s face it, grabbing fallen objects and opening cabinet doors is mere child’s play. For real dexterity, check…… Continue reading Make the most you can with what you’ve got

Is stretching overrated?

In yoga, it’s an advantage to have stretchy, elastic muscles. Touching the toes is not enough; yogis strive to clasp behind ankles, with forearms hugging calves and forehead pressed low on shins. But is such flexibility good for anything else? In the New York Times’s Phys Ed column, Gretchen Reynolds wrote an intriguing article, “How…… Continue reading Is stretching overrated?