Bad blood

I am still thinking about yoga teacher Joe Naudzunas‘s split from the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco, which I discussed in a prior post. It must be tough, leaving your yoga “home” of 20 years. I’m just an onlooker and lack the full story, so I’m not taking sides. Rather, I am thinking about my own dislike of tension or “bad blood” with others. I’m not talking about legitimate arguments with someone close. Being furious to the point of rage with those you love, letting your anger and vulnerability show: that is part of the deal in close relationships. … Continue reading Bad blood

Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco

On a recent trip to the Bay Area, I visited the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco (IYISF) for the first time. Tucked in a nondescript building at Taraval and 27th Avenue in the sleepy Sunset District, it’s the headquarters for formal Iyengar yoga study in Northern California. It’s also a troubled and financially strapped organization, perhaps due to its affiliation with (and control by) the Iyengar Yoga Association of Northern California (IYANC). The Institute’s summer special, five classes for $55, gave me the opportunity to try a bunch of their teachers. My favorite turned out to be a fellow … Continue reading Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco