Solid wood

In class I noticed a fellow student’s personal set of yoga blocks. Even from afar, I could tell they were solid wood. Handsome and old school, such blocks on my wish list, so I asked her where she got them. “They were a gift,” she said, apologetically. Then she couldn’t resist adding, “I’m really attached to them!” Solid wood blocks are a rarity, it seems. I first encountered them at The Yoga Room in Berkeley, California. But I soon realized that most studios buy foam blocks. They cheaper, for one thing. They’re also lighter and can’t crush a foot when … Continue reading Solid wood

Old yoga mats never die…

… They just fade away. True for you? True for me. I still use my first mat (now over 12 years old), which starred in my very-first blog post. It’s been washed countless times, and it’s disintegrating in high-traffic spots. I now flip it over and use the reverse side. It’s not my sole mat anymore. But why would I trash it? It’s a pebbly PVC mat with great traction and durability, but it’s not biodegradable. So I am trying to be eco-conscious by using it till it’s unusable. Recently, my yoga classmate Cheryl got a new Manduka mat (the PROlite … Continue reading Old yoga mats never die…

Carry-ons and sharing space

When was the last time you were offline for a whole weekend? Try four days. It’s must be like going cold turkey (I did fall off the wagon at the Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC, where two hours of wifi costs $5.99, FYI). Now that airlines charge fees ($20 is typical) for checked-in bags, people bring colossal carry-ons into the cabin. On one flight, I placed my computer backpack neatly in the overhead compartment and settled down in my seat. Suddenly I noticed someone shoving a behemoth with hard edges atop my padded but crushable Crumpler. Whoa! I had a … Continue reading Carry-ons and sharing space

All you need is ToeSox

The week I launched this blog, I also joined Yoga Journal Community, where members can blog to others in the “community.” I received the following comment about the Bhakti Ware ad from a member named Satyam, a frequent contributor: Thanks for your keen observations. I think you are right on. I do think that YJ mag leaves a lot to be desired for in the way they run and select their ads. I do think that we / they can do a whole lot better. Have you seen the ones for Yoga Toes featuring Ms Budig? It is not quite … Continue reading All you need is ToeSox

Best sticky yoga mat

Twelve years ago, during my first six months of yoga, I took Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes at a university gym. No sticky mats or props. (Actually, we did use gym-style foam pads for prone/supine poses but did standing poses on the naked hardwood.) Eventually, the class grew from 30-something students (back then the majority of students were middle-aged or senior staff, faculty, and “faculty wives”) to 50 or 60, now lots of undergrads. The university saw that yoga was a permanent fad and invested in minimal props. I enjoyed those early days. It was gym yoga. But the teacher was a serious yogi, well-trained in … Continue reading Best sticky yoga mat