On Supta Virasana and sticking to resolutions

There’s nothing like a public resolution to shame spur me to action. In July I vowed to do Supta Virasana daily, and nothing short of catastrophe could’ve kept me from a perfect record. One evening, the temperature inside was still in the 70s (a veritable heat wave in Vancouver) and a bunch of windows were…… Continue reading On Supta Virasana and sticking to resolutions

Trick or treat! Oh no! Raisins!

Last year, I wrote “Halloween treats and ahimsa” about why I chose raisins, not candy, for trick-or-treaters. This year, undaunted, I again stocked up on Sun-Maid. My boyfriend is convinced that any normal kid will consider raisins a letdown, even mock-worthy. Perhaps, but aren’t they at least healthier? They are! I even made a squash soup for…… Continue reading Trick or treat! Oh no! Raisins!

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Sugar update

In a prior post, “Sugar, sleep, and Steve Nash,” I mention my resolutions to get more sleep and to eat less refined sugar. Here’s an update on sugar: Steve Nash wrote here that if you stop eating refined sugar, you stop craving it. He is absolutely right. My tastebuds are extremely sensitive to sugar now,…… Continue reading Sugar update

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Sugar, sleep, and Steve Nash

Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash credits two things to his excellent health and performance at age 36: avoiding refined sugar and getting enough sleep. See Nash’s sample daily diet here. (In case you’re clueless about pro basketball, Nash is a superstar and two-time NBA MVP who grew up in Victoria, BC. He was among the final five torch bearers…… Continue reading Sugar, sleep, and Steve Nash

Halloween treats and ahimsa

Do I uphold the yama (moral rule) of ahimsa (non-violence)? My automatic answer is, “Of course.” When I think of non-violence, my mind leaps to egregious examples of violence. Murder. Arson. Chasing cats with vacuum cleaners. I’d never do any of that. But then I read books that define ahimsa broadly. In addition to not…… Continue reading Halloween treats and ahimsa