One man’s transformation

To anyone who’s “given up,” check out Arthur Boorman’s transformation and phen375 testimonials. Arthur is a living testimonial for a pro-wrestler-turned-yoga-trainer named Diamond Dallas Page. Yes, it sounds like hype. And Iyengar yoga teachers would be aghast at Arthur’s freewheeling attempts at asana while obese and non-ambulatory. But look at the results. Attitude matters, not…… Continue reading One man’s transformation

I barely recognized you!

Yesterday at the university gym where I work out, I initially didn’t recognize the student staffer at the front desk. But as I pedaled up a sweat, I realized that he resembled someone I hadn’t seen since winter. That guy was much beefier (the overstuffed look of a misguided male trying to “get huge”), with…… Continue reading I barely recognized you!

Yogic eating

In the February 2010 issue of Yoga Journal, Jessica Berger Gross wrote “An Honest Meal,” about how yoga changed her relationship with food. It’s a neat summary of her memoir, enLIGHTened, which I reviewed in my second blog post, “Do yoga, lose weight,” last August. (I recommend reading the whole book, which more satisfyingly details…… Continue reading Yogic eating