What I’m reading

What I’m reading

“We read to know we’re not alone.” (William Nicholson, Shadowlands)

Without reading, without books, where would I be today? Maybe I would have survived, but must less optimistically. Opening a book, I plunge into another world and then surface with more perspective and courage to face this one. Here’s what I’m currently reading.

From late summer throughout fall, my reading has been scattered. I started Somerset Maugham’s memoir The Summing Up and Carol Dweck’s Mindset but, despite enjoying both, never finished either. Finally, I got around to a children’s book, Wonder, by RJ Palacio, highly recommended to me years ago. I loved the multiple first-person points of view; the characters’ emotional honesty; the accurate portrayal of grade-school angst. I’m about to read Auggie & Me, which contains three additional characters’ stories.

Books read in 2017

  1. Theatre, Somerset Maugham
  2. Up at the Villa, Somerset Maugham
  3. The Inner Game of Golf, W Timothy Gallwey
  4. The Razor’s Edge, Somerset Maugham
  5. Swing Time, Zadie Smith
  6. The Summing Up, Somerset Maugham (unfinished)
  7. Mindset, Carol Dweck (unfinished)
  8. Wonder, RJ Palacio