What I’m reading

What I’m reading

“We read to know we’re not alone.” (William Nicholson, Shadowlands)

Without reading, without books, where would I be today? Maybe I would have survived, but must less optimistically. Opening a book, I plunge into another world and then surface with more perspective and courage to face this one. Here’s what I’m currently reading.

220px-upatthevillathe_razors_edge_1st_edMy Somerset Maugham project is an inconsistent one because I’m lured by other writers. Last year Elena Ferrante dominated my imagination. But last fall I returned to Maugham with Ashenden, Cakes and Ale, The Narrow Corner and Theatre. For some reason, his typical protagonist, a wry, detached observer, resonates with me.

I just finished Up at the Villa. This light novella is rather overwrought, but amusing and revealing about human nature nevertheless. I’ll soon start one of my favorites, The Razor’s Edge, which I’ve read twice before.

Books read in 2017

  1. Theatre, Somerset Maugham
  2. Up at the Villa, Somerset Maugham