Proust had his madeleine, what about you?

In San Francisco last month, I had a mini reunion with a couple of old writing-group friends. Over dinner, the conversation turned to travel and hometowns and memories of “place.” Doug, who grew up in Los Angeles when it was full of orchards, said, “What I remember about LA is the smell of orange and…… Continue reading Proust had his madeleine, what about you?

The pleasure principle

What I thought was happiness was only part time bliss. “The Pleasure Principle,” Control (1986), Janet Jackson In my prior post “Sense, Sensuality, and Sensibility,” I questioned the idea of labeling any peak experience as “yoga” or “yogic.” In turn, some questioned me: Who am I to judge others’ inner lives while eating oysters or…… Continue reading The pleasure principle

Sense, Sensuality, and Sensibility

In the New York Times article “When Chocolate and Chakras Collide” (January 26, 2010), yoga practitioners debate the yogic diet: Should yogis eat meat? Drink alcohol? Indulge in sweets and spices, onions and garlic? Traditionalists hold that ahimsa requires vegetarianism, and that one must avoid strong flavors, caffeine, and alcohol, which overwhelm the senses. Revisionists…… Continue reading Sense, Sensuality, and Sensibility