Moving On

Before I started law school, I knew a lawyer who decided to move to the East Coast. Scott was a senior associate at a firm in California. Moving would require another bar exam, a new job, upheaval for his family.

Scott was a sports fan and quoted legendary coaches. Regarding his move, he cited Bill Walsh, influential head coach of the San Francisco 49ers in the 1980s:

The most difficult thing a person has to do with his life is decide when it’s time to move on.

Walsh apparently made this comment when he left the 49ers after winning his third Super Bowl.

For some reason, his words stuck in my mind. Moving on is difficult, especially when the decision is yours.

I wrote Yoga Spy from 2009 to 2019. During this decade, my blog grew—in style, in content, in audience. It became part of my identity.

I wasn’t a prolific blogger. The only time I posted frequently was during my 2014 India trip. I lived alone for a month and my solitude offered time and freedom to write.

In the past two years, I stopped blogging altogether. Why? Work, other priorities, life’s ups and downs, procrastination. Manifold reasons, including this beautiful beast who took over my life three years ago.

My blog had also morphed over time and felt fragmented, a mash-up of ten years of ideas. By the late 2010s yoga teaching had become my primary career, and my blogging objectives had changed. Should blogs go on indefinitely? Maybe they should have a beginning and an end.

Ending a blog is trivial compared to leaving a longtime home or quitting a successful job. Nevertheless I waffled and never officially ended Yoga Spy. Until now I wasn’t ready to move on.

This is my final post, but Yoga Spy will remain online for old times’ sake. Find me at my website/blog,

What about you? Are you holding onto a never-ending project, a broken relationship, or an old identity? Maybe, just maybe, is it time to move on?

Update: Due to confusion between my old and new blogs, I’ve decided to blog as Yoga Spy again. All posts written for are now located here.

Images: Stella, June 2018, Tracy Jean Wong; Many Stories, May 2020, Luci Yamamoto.



  1. I always looked forward to your posts. They were heartfelt and honest, and always gave me something to think about. I’m happy to hear you are well and enjoying life with that beautiful beast! I’ll look forward to following you on your new blog.


  2. Hi Luci,
    I hope I have correctly signed up for the new blog.

    I see the “Namaste” issue is still kicking around. For all who say “ciao,” “adios,” or “aloha” when not Italian, Latinx, or Hawaiian, I say… go for it… why not. Namaste!


      1. Yes. Another heartbreaking season for the Bad Luck Bears. As we say… “Just wait until next year!”


  3. At this stage in life, I’m satisfied to keep moving. Who knows about “on”? I’m writing my memoirs for my own self-reflection about all the folks I’ve met, experiences I’ve enjoyed, failures I’ve endured.


  4. HI Luci, I always found Yoga Spy thought-provoking, and yet can see that when time is up, it’s up! I like your new website very much – clear, simple, well communicated (esp the Zoom instructions, which are very reassuring!). And your dog looks so lean and energetic.

    We too had to make a big decision recently: whether to move on from the B&B business. It’s been a fun time, we’ve enjoyed almost every minute, but it’s better to “quit while you’re ahead” as the saying goes. So we too are transitioning to a new chapter in June: not sure what it will be yet (apart from continuing to teach yoga) but we have plenty of ideas.

    I’ll keep on reading your blog meanwhile.



  5. Always had a fun read when your posts popped into my feed… never felt they were too few or too many, just now and then. Could fill a novel with “time to move ons” but will spare you… until the new novel. (Celadon is finally out, and set in Japan.)

    Will try to subscribe to the new blog! Very best. And I was excited for a moment when I saw “moving to New England” and then realized it was just that quote/friend… not Luci! 🙂


  6. Hi Luci,
    It’s been a pleasure knowing you at Iyengar workshops & your blogs have always been inspirational & thought provoking.
    Good luck on your next endeavour & I look forward to staying in touch. Much Love & Light… Namaste. Robin


  7. I always enjoy your blog posts and the different perspetives you bring to the subject. You are congruent with your writing–interesting, thoughtful and concise. I will continue to follow (not stalk) you on your website. All the best in life my friend:)


    1. Your words mean a lot to me, Terri. The Vancouver Iyengar yoga association is fortunate to have you as its current president. Now, without chance encounters at the Yoga Space, we must make a point of keeping in touch.


  8. Always enjoyed your Yoga Spy posts, Luci. Will follow your next phase with interest! Thank you for what you do for the yoga community.


  9. Hi, Luci! It is so great to hear you are well and enjoying life as we currently know it! I always enjoy our insights. I guess the state of life is moving on from one experience to another. Thanks for your writings!


    1. Iyengar yoga and “travel” connected us, didn’t it, Tracy? Victoria teacher training intensive, 2011. August at RIMYI in Pune, 2014. IYNAUS convention in Boca Raton, 2016. Hope to meet in person again someday!


  10. So that explains why I haven’t seen your blog for ages. This piece didn’t even show up anywhere. I had to hunt you down. Looking forward to your new website and what ever you post. Talk soon. Dx


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