Asana and “Direct Experience”

Part 3 of a three-part series I have a love-hate relationship with writing. It was excruciating to write this blog post. I procrastinated. I started and stopped. I killed time watching the Olympics. I deleted hard-won paragraphs that ultimately didn’t fit. I took breaks to watch Ted Lasso. I might not have finished if I…… Continue reading Asana and “Direct Experience”

Moving On

Before I started law school, I knew a lawyer who decided to move to the East Coast. Scott was a senior associate at a firm in California. Moving would require another bar exam, a new job, upheaval for his family. Scott was a sports fan and quoted legendary coaches. Regarding his move, he cited Bill…… Continue reading Moving On

Back to yoga teaching and blogging

In my everyday life in Vancouver, yoga plays a major role in my identity. People know me as yoga classmate, colleague, teacher, and blogger. People whom I’ve never met know me as YogaSpy; my blog is our connection. In contrast, my closest family members rarely mention my blog! They’re positive about it, but it’s not our main point of connection.…… Continue reading Back to yoga teaching and blogging

Four months left in 2015: What will you do with it?

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” If Carl Jung is right (and he probably is), I haven’t been a blogger lately. I had high hopes to post frequently in August. After all, I had a few weeks’ break from yoga teaching. (In contrast, last summer in Pune I was immersed and extra alert (first time at RIMYI, first…… Continue reading Four months left in 2015: What will you do with it?

Five years a blogger

One of my favorite yoga blogs is Michael Romero’s Home Yoga Practice, which features his writings on being an Iyengar yoga student and teacher in Honolulu. I first “met” Michael when he posted comments on my blog as “yogiromero” in November 2013. He has strong opinions tempered by thoughtfulness and humor. I could tell that he was a serious…… Continue reading Five years a blogger

Did Seacret work for me? You bet! Well…

A post I wrote last August, Was I suckered by the Seacret saleslady?, is my biggest hit: highest average click rate and longest shelf life. Clearly, my experience with Seacret’s aggressive sales pitch (and apparently with the allure of satiny smooth cuticles) resonated with people worldwide. Even those who have never heard of Seacret can empathize with…… Continue reading Did Seacret work for me? You bet! Well…

On procrastination

Seven weeks remain in the year 2011. Seven weeks! Are you satisfied with your year so far? If not, you have seven weeks to turn it around. Me, I’ll face off with procrastination. Take my blog. I post infrequently despite a swarm of viable topics buzzing in my head. I take ages to transform them from…… Continue reading On procrastination

Facebook, Twitter, late adopters and laggards

Okay, I admit it. I established myself in Facebook and Twitter only on Monday. I’m not just a late adopter, I’m a laggard. I resisted for years, uninterested in putting myself out there. In fact, I was quite averse to Facebook’s online interface of social interaction. Online, one can create any identity by easy “sight…… Continue reading Facebook, Twitter, late adopters and laggards

Resurrecting my blog: inspiration from a cactus

I had high hopes to continue blogging during my Hawaii trip. Dream on. Lonely Planet assignments swallow me whole and, when I’m in Hilo, spending time with my parents is also top priority. In my Hawaii life (a parallel universe to my other life in Canada), sitting for hours at a computer seems incongruous. Even…… Continue reading Resurrecting my blog: inspiration from a cactus

Peer-reviewed blogs

When I began my blog last August, I told myself that it shouldn’t matter whether anyone reads it. Blogging would be an outlet, a way to gather and release my thoughts (some fleeting, some fundamental) about yoga. As a writer, I process through words. I wanted a free, uncensored forum sans gatekeepers. Whatever the audience…… Continue reading Peer-reviewed blogs